People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


17. what

Justin's POV

As I walk through the school, I'm getting weird looks.

Not good ones.

"Hey, hot stuff!" I yell at Katy .

She gives me a dirty look, does my hair look bad? I try to do that cool swerve move that I do but I fall on my butt.

"Who is that?" She crinkles her nose.

"I think that's Justin, he's a total loser now." Ryan says and they walk off

I try to stand up but I can't . I'm stuck. I manage to pick myself up.

I run/ hobble to the boys room. I look in the mirror.

All I see is a big fat ugly version of me. I stare for a bit.

What happened to cool hot Justin? What happened to my posse and my popularity?

I walk out the door. I see Darcy at her locker. She's smiling and happy. I hate it.

"Look what you did to me you , you brat!" I yell at her. She cringes a bit. But something clicks in her eyes.

She stands tall, she looks like she was the song 'Roar' by Katy Perry

"You did this to yourself Justin !" She spats back and turns hitting me in the face with her curls and walks off.

The bell rings and everyone scrambles off. Leaving me in the middle of the hall , frozen.

What happened to me?

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