People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


7. Together

Harry's POV

It's been a month since little Darcy asked me out. And it's been perfect

I was invited along to her fathers wedding, which is in two weeks.

But after that I won't see Darcy for quite a while. Me and the boys are auditioning for the X factor, so me and her are trying to get as much time together as possible.

"Darcy, it's our first month aniversary , I'm gonna take you some where ." I say and she looks at me

"Seriously, Harry don't over do your self please." She says I lean over and peck her lips. She tastes like strawberries. I gaze into her gorgeous blue eyes. Maybe one day I might marry her.

"So , I need a song for the X factor, got any suggestions?"

"Um, oh I've got a lullaby my mum sang to me when I was little."

I knew which song that was, it was the last song she sang right before , well you know. I was there when it happened. Me and Darcy were only 10, I remember Darcy holding her mums hand, tears rolling down her face. She was in a little navy blue dress with white dots. Her hair was long and straight and she had a red ribbon hair band. Her mother sang the song to her, said she loves Darcy and pulled me over and told me to take good care of Darcy as I promised to do. Then it happened. She was gone.

I feel like I have to treat Darcy like a queen. But that's because I love her. Not the promise.

"Harry, what do you think." Darcy says and I snap back to reality

"Oh yes I will sing that." I say and Darcy smiles

"Oh, Harry that would mean the world to me and my mum." She smiles, then her face drops.

I know she's about to cry so I comfort her.

"Darcy go get ready for our special date!" I say standing up and she runs up stairs.

Justin's POV

I was walking by when I heard Harry, Darcy's pathetic excuse for a boyfriend. "Louis, that's a perfect place to take her, Willow Creek has a fantastic view of the pond. Perfect for our aniversary date." He says, just then I get an idea.

I run to my room, I have to dig through my laundry a bit for my phone.

I call my friends , Ryan and Chaz.

"Yo, dudes do you have rope and paint?" I ask. This is gonna be good.

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