People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


16. stronger

Darcy's POV

First day of school.

Excited but nervous. I pick out a pearl pink dress with a belt and jacket. I put on some black flats. I don't straiten my hair. I put on make up and smile.

I walk downstairs . Justin stares at me, I roll my eyes. I'm a whole new me. No more nice girl.

I felt like the song "Fancy" is my theme song. But Justin quickly ruined that.

"Hey, brat your driving." He tossed the keys at me, cutting my wrist. I cry out in pain.

Justin smiles, proud by his action. I quickly cleaned it and bandaged the wound.

"Who superior now, brat?" He laughed.

He hobbled over to the cupboard , searching for food.

"Hey, don't over eat fatty!" I growled at him. He glared at me. I have nothing against big people. They are very sweet people. But Justin has no acception. He's rude and lazy.

I grab my back pack and walk out the door. I start the car.

Justin gets in the car and I drive off. The car was extremely silent. I turned on the radio.

Harry's band come on. My eyes well up hearing my 5 best friends. I miss my boyfriend so much.

Justin switches off the radio right before Harry's solo.

I give him the evil eye. We arrive at the school before I can kill him. He was so lucky.

We get out and immediately get stared at .

We do look a little different . I'm not wearing baggy clothes and Justin's fat.

I get stared at in a good way. Justin gets the stare of 'dude what happened?'

I feel amazing.

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