People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


5. School

Darcy's POV

I wake up to find arms wrapped around me, my little Hazza.

"Get Up!" I yell, he stands up and acts like a soldier.

"Yes Ma'am !" He says, I giggle

"School." I say and he goes to my closet, the boys leave clothes here all the time. Harry grabs a grey T-shirt and beanie.

He picks out a pink dress and jean jacket for me. I run into my bathroom and get dressed and freshen up. Soon me and Harry are downstairs. He prepares toast for us. Then Justin walks in the room.

Harry gets tense as Justin walks to the cupboard next to him. They eye each other. I decide to break the tension.

"Harry , do you think you'll pass that math test we studied for?" He looks away from Justin and nods at me.

Pattie walks into the room" Hey Darcy, can Justin walk with you guys to school?" She asks and Justin glares at her but she smiles. I nod and Harry pulls me to the other room.

"Why Darcy? Why let that guy walk with us?!" I could tell Harry was uncomfortable with my decision , but I can't say no to Pattie."Harry I can not say no to my future family, even if it includes that, um Brat." I answer and Harry softens a bit.

"I'll try to be nicer." He sighs and I hug him and kiss his cheek.

We walk into the kitchen to see Justin sitting with our backpacks"I got your backpacks for you." He smiles, Sweet but to sweet to be comfortable

Me and the boys walk out the door and off to school. We stop at my friends houses and soon the whole group is together. We loose justin at one point but we don't really care.

We hang out for a bit. Our friend group consists of Harry,Louis,Niall,Liam,Zayn, and Raina. The bell rings and me and Harry head for homeroom . When we arrive we see Justin and his girlfriend , Katy, snuggled together. We sit at our desks and open our bags.

Instead of school work in my bag, it was filled with syrup. I almost scream but I look at Harry . His was filled too.

Justin did this, and he's gonna pay.

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