People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


8. Pranked

Darcy's POV

I quickly throw on my favorite white lace dress and put my hair in a loose but perfect bun and let two strands of curly hair frame my face. I put on the pearl necklace that my dad bought me.

I get my white heals and run downstairs . Harry was in a tux, he looked adorable. "Shall we go now?" He said properly. I let out a little giggle and he grabbed a blindfold

He lead me to the car and we drove off. I was so excited I could not sit still. Soon I heard the car turn off and heard some one open my door.

The boy lead me to a chair and had me sit. They took off my blind fold to reveal a beautiful view of a little pond. I look to see who was my guide, it was little Louis . I looked at Harry , who had sat down.

He prepared some garlic bread and lasagna. Through out the dinner me and all the boys chatted with each other. It was perfect.

Then we heard some rustling." Probably just a cat or squirrel." Liam said, we kept hearing the rustling get louder . But we just ignored it.

Harry stood up and lead me to a white fence that guarded the pond and sang to me. It was a beautiful song, he called it Little Things. The boys pitched in, they sounded perfect.

Just then we heard a creak and red paint splattered all over us. I looked at the boys, I know they wouldn't do this.

I heard someone laughing and I look behind a bush to see justin and his girlfriend , Cara. They say down at our table.

"Happy 10 months, sweetie!" Justin said to his girlfriend as his friends were laughing and taking pictures of us.

I couldn't believe it. Why did he have to ruin this for me.

"Justin! I'm telling your mom!" I screamed at him and grabbed my phone. Justin looked horrified.

He lounged at me , tackling me to the ground and punched me." You better not, I will destroy you!" He said

Just then he was pulled off of me by the boys and they threw him onto the table.

"Boys! Get in the car! Now!" I command and they get into our truck.

I couldn't believe what happened, I was shaking from what happened.Harry examined me. Harry said Justin chipped one of my teeth and gave me a black eye. I started to cry. I can't believe it.

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