People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


11. home

Darcy's POV

I start to get lonely, I can't call the boys so I call my friend Raina. I've known her as long as I've known Harry .

"Hey, Ray. Wanna come over?" I ask.

"Oh, yeah sure!" She says and hangs up. Within minutes she is at my house. I walk over and let her in." So the boys left today?" She asks

"Yes, I already miss them so much!" I say and Raina frowns "So do I , but we have each other." She smiles again and hugs me.

She looks at my locket " Let me guess, Harry." She says and I smile. She grabs my arms and her keys.

"Let's go get ice cream." She says. I smiles and we go to her car. As we drive a song by the name of Firework comes on and me and Raina go crazy. We yell the lyrics at the top of our lungs.

When the song ends we start laughing at how silly we are.

We arrive at the ice cream shop and me and Raina run inside . She orders a Reese's ice cream and I stick with sherbet

"Girl, you get that every time !" Raina looks at my cup.

"You get that every time to!" I answer

Just then a group of loud boys walk in

"Darcy, it's your brother." Raina says, I sigh. Why bother look.

"Hey look! It's Fatso Darcy! And her clown Raina!" I hear Cara laugh

Raina looks like she wants to beat up Cara but I grab her wrist and tell her no.

"Oooh! Raina listens to Darcy like a dog!" Ryan says and Raina gets even more fired up.

"Raina let's go ." I stand up and Justin's friends jaws drop. I looked around, nothing wrong. What are they staring at?

I look down and realize I'm wearing a body fitting outfit. I usually wear baggy clothes but to day I'm wearing a white crop top that reveals my flat stomach and skinny jeans that show off my perfect curves.

"Dude! Your sister is hot!" Chaz says and I glare.

"Her attitude is Fiesty! I love it!" Ryan says

I look at Raina and she nods, I wave at the gang and leave.

"Dude! Their right your hot! Harry is a lucky man, Darcy." Raina says as we drive to my house.

"You've got a better body than Cara and you know it girl. !" She says, but I sigh.

"What's wrong, darce ?" Raina asks.

"It's just that, I never showed anyone else because if I do , I might become some popular brat like Justin ." I say

"Darcy! You shouldn't be afraid. You should be proud!" Raina says.

Maybe she's right .

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