People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


15. chapter

Darcy's POV

I look at my phone. I want to call Harry sooo bad. But I can't . I just can't .

It's been half a year since I've last seen Harry .

The door swings open and in walks Justin. He's a little plump now that he doesn't do anything for himself. I do everything for that brat.

He never is polite, he always spreads rumors about me.

And in secret , I built an compartment in my wall to hide journals and personal stuff. He will take them to school and destroy them for pleasure .

"Darcy, you have to run to the store now!" He slurs, I smell alcohol on his breath. Disgusting.

"Justin! I've had enough of your bull! You can not come into my house that me and my dad worked our butts off for and boss me around!" I yell.

I actually feel strong. It feels great.

He lounges at me and I jump out of the way.

"You little brat! Come here!" He yells. He goes in a second time.

I jump onto the bed and into the shelf room above my bed. Justin can't get in here. He's too big.

"You win this time mutt. I'll get you brat. You'll see!!!" He wobbles out of the room. I smile to myself quite proud.

If Harry was here he would be so proud of me.

Currently we are in summer so no school. That means maybe this school year I can turn my life around! I'm feeling great!!! So amazing!!!!!!!

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