Did i make the right decision?

Rhiana and Harry met in a nightclub and seemed to have a one night stand! Rhiana became pregnant with her baby Luke. Her life goal is for Luke to one day met his dad Harry Styles. Finally, she somehow finds him. Will their relationship lead from there and live happily ever after? Or will Rhiana regret her mission to find Harry?


1. Chapter 1

Rhianas P.O.V

My name is Rhiana and I currently live in London with my beautiful baby boy, Luke. We only live in a small flat, hence the fact I have to bring Luke up on my own since his dad doesn't even know he exists and is halfway around the world performing in the biggest arenas and stadiums.

I know what you are all thinking. How can a worldwide popstar not know his own son? We'll it all started around a year ago when I was only 18... I was in a new nightclub that had just opened not very far from me. I was with all my friends celebrating one of their eighteenth birthdays. I decided to go and get another drink. This really cute curly haired boy kept eyeing me up and down, I didn't really take much notice since I was wearing a really short tight dress. My drink was taking forever to come and I couldn't wait any longer because I started to feel really uncomfortable with this stranger keep staring at me. Finally my drink came and just as it did he came over to me... "Hi, I'm Harry" he loudly said in his deep voice. "Hi I'm Rhiana" I kindly replied. I can't really remember what happened after that, since I had drunk a lot, but what I do remember was we started dancing on the dance floor and somehow we kissed? And then somehow it became a one night stand... Never since then have I spoke to Harry.

I work at the local shopping centre in Starbucks and have to pay a babysitter to look after Luke. Luke loves her, and I'm happy that he does but it upsets me that I can't spend loads of quality time with my son, my only child. I miss him a lot, it always crosses my mind that soon one day, when he is older, he will be asking me where his dad is and who he is. But that doesn't matter at the moment does it? Luke doesn't need a dad at the moment does he? He has me and that's all that matters.

I do struggle at home with money and stuff but I have enough to bring Luke up. Im always going without so my precious little boy can have what he needs. Sometimes I have to steal some food so I can feed myself! I know it's wrong but it's the only choice I have. Luke is my world. I would do anything or him and anything to protect him. I know I'm only 19 but Luke is my baby and my responsibility.

One day I was doing a really long shift at work. Standing there all day making drinks and cooking food and serving. I didn't really like my job to be honest. I would much rather be living the life Harry is. Travelling the world with his four best friends. Then it hit me. Why can't Luke meet his dad? And why can't Harry meet his son? He definitely deserves to know he exists, right?

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