Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


11. I Never Can Help It

Main POV

I went for a walk to the town and then I out of no where turned to my other form but then I turned back to my normal self. In human form then I ended up pulling my knife again and attacked some people... It felt good untill I felt sorta weird inside. I still attacked. I killed about 5 people then went back home and passed Jeff sitting on the couch but I just passed him. I was really tired then and I needed some sleep so I went to my room and layed on my bed. Jeff came in and sighed. I looked up at him a little confused. He walked up to me and cuddled up with me. "I love you" he whispered in my ear. Then he fell asleep cuddled up to me. "I think I love you too" I whispered. He smiled and snuggled his nose in my neck getting comfortable.



Chapter By: Panda_Prince

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