5 seconds of summer preferences


2. You meet the boys

Ashton: He literally had you tugging on his hand, nearly on your butt as you held his hand and got dragged into the restaurant where the other guys were waiting for the two of you so that they could meet you for the first time. "Ashton, can we please not do this!" He sighed. "Y/N, you're the one that's basically making a scene here and the guys have just witnesses it!" You peek out from behind him to find the other boys, had really in fact been watching your entire scene of being difficult. "Umm," you say standing up and blushing. "I'm Y/N, it's nice to meet you guys.

Calum: It was a lazy day for you two and as you were watching Disney films, your choice, there was a knock on the door and you started to get up, but he stopped you and paused the movie. "Don't worry babe, I've got it, I'll be right back!" You smiled "Okay!" You heard the door open then loud laughter and decided to see what it was, once you turned the corner and saw Calum with three other guys around him you instantly got nervous, especially when one motioned to you. "That's your girlfriend?" Calum turned with a smile and nodded, quickly getting to you and wrapping his arms around you. "Yeah, this is, Y/N! Beautiful isn't she?"

Luke: When he told you to come to the hospital, you instantly thought the worst, but once you arrived you calmed down and relaxed. One of his cousins were having a baby and he wanted you there to help calm her down. You did your best and soon other three guys arrived. "We heard you were getting a new family member Luke, we just thought a baby not a full grown girl!" one joked and Luke slapped him. "Yeah, yeah, by the way, Y/N, these are my bandmates! Ashton is the one who thinks he's funny all the time, same with Calum and Michael's the odd one out like I am!" They all nodded while you grinned "Hey funny ones and odd one, it's nice to meet you!"

AN: sorry I'm only doing 3/4 on this one because I can't think of another

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