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9. You hate each other but secretly love each other

Michael: As you sat in between your brother, Ashton and your best friend, Luke, you could feel Michael's eyes burning into the back of your head and finally you couldn't take it any more and you stood up to face him. "What the hell is you god damn problem, Clifford? I can feel your god damn eyes burning circles, and they can stop at any time! I deal with enough shit at school, I don't need shit from someone I thought I cared about!" and with that you stormed out of the room and upstairs to your balcony, overlooking the river behind your house. You thought you could hear yelling, but you weren't totally sure, so you just brushed it off until you heard your door to the balcony screeching open. "Y/N?" "Go away Michael." You care about me?" "I thought I did." "What made you change your mind?" You glared at him. "Oh, so now you want to be nice to me? Yeah, right fuck off, Michael." He ignored you and sat next to you. "You still care about me." "Oh do I now?  How can you tell?" He smiled and put a hand on your cheek and you didn't even flinch when he leaned in close to you. "Cause I don't like seeing the one I care about hurt, thinking the one she cares about doesn't care about her back, when in reality the person she cares about is in love with her and has been for a long time." "You love me?" He nodded and kissed your lips gently.

Ashton: You were the only one in the swimming pool as your cousin, Luke, and his friends used the grill and had a BBQ. You got along with all of the guys, except Ashton. Every time you tried to say hello or something to him, he just grunted and went the other way, so you soon gave you on trying to be nice to him and decided to treat him the way he was treating you, with hate. "Y/N, thanks for letting us cook out here, nice place you got!" You got out of the pool and reached for your towel. "Thanks, Cal. Glad to have you here, gets old being here alone. "Maybe you should go out instead of being a no good lazy ass bitch." you heard Ashton mumble from the other side of you and the other guys were about to say something about it when you put a hand up to stop them. "You know Ashton, you don't have to be here. If you want to be a condescending ass then you can feel free to leave." He stood up from his chair and stood in front of you. "I don't want to leave." "This is my place and I want you to leave, so grab your shit and get out!" Ashton didn't take that too well and grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close. "Ashton, what the hell do you think you're doing? Let go of me!" He shook his head and started walking backwards as he leaned down to capture your lips with his. "No, we're going to work this out!" "Work what out?" you ask and he grins against your lips. "With us." Then he fell back into the water, you going in with him. When you came up for air, Ashton still held you close. "We both needed to cool off, and we both need to start over again. This time I won't be a ass. I'm Ashton." You laughed and held a hand out. "Y/N, Luke's cousin, I'll try not to be a bitch, but I can't promise, I'm pretty good at it!" Ashton laughed. "That you are."

Calum: Luke and Michael held him back while Ashton comforted you. Calum had just hit your most sensitive spot by brining up your boyfriend who had been killed a little over a year before in a freak car accident. They knew that you cared about him, but Calum thought it was time you stopped being a whiney ass little bitch about it and grow up. You held the necklace that held your boyfriends ashes and kissed the bottle. You looked Ashton in the eye. "Why does he talk to me like that? What did I do to him?" Ashton shook his head. "He doesn't always have the best way to show his emotions to certain people." "Why do I have to be one of those people, Ashton? I like him, probably more than I should, especially after what he just said, but, it's true." Ashton nodded and the two of you looked over at Luke, Michael and Calum and saw that Luke and Michael were whisper yelling at Calum, they pointed in your direction a few times, before Calum and Luke walked over and Luke grabbed Ashton's arm and brought him back to where Michael was waiting, leaving you and Calum alone. "Why do you talk to me like that? Especially about him." you mumble and Calum runs a hand through his hair as he shakes his head. "I don't have the best way to express my emotions, Y/N." "That doesn't explain why you said what you said." "You cared about him." He noted and you nodded as he went on. "The look on your face when you talk about him, I shouldn't, but I get jealous, knowing that someone else that wasn't me was able to make you that happy." You put a hand on his. "You care about me?" He looked up and put his other hand on top of yours. "Yeah, I actually love you,but after what I just said, I don't blame you if you don't return the feelings." You shake your head. "Calum, you never let me explain, you always cut me off and bring him up. For the longest time. I've been wanting to tell you I love you too and I want to give you a chance." "For real?" "Yeah, so, what do you say?" He grinned. "First, I'm sorry. Second, let's go watch a movie and have some dinner."

Luke: "I thought you were the most caring out of the group, Lucas!" You spat out as you left the club with Luke following close behind you. "Apparently you thought wrong. Why don't you go back, I'm pretty sure that the guy is missing you already." you laugh as you reach the end of the sidewalk and motion for a cab to get you. "I'm pretty sure he doesn't, you scared the shit out of him and I have no idea why. For being so caring like everyone thought, you really don't care about anyone but yourself, I learned that tonight." Luke shook his head as a cab arrived and filed in behind you. You groaned but gave the driver your address anyways. Luke kept a respectable distance between the two of you. "Why did you stop that guy from talking to me , Luke." "He didn't want to just talk, he wanted more." "Maybe I wanted more." Luke looked out the window. "Not from him, Y/N, not from him. He was no good." "And are you good?" Luke grinned at you. "You'll never know how good I really am." He had peaked your interest. "For us hating each other, we're getting really close and personal here." you say with a smirk and he returned the smirk as the cab arrived at your place. He paid the fee and got out, helping you out as well. You two watched the cab drive away and Luke held you close and you looked into his eye. "You really hate me, Y/N? Your really mad at me for stopping that guy from getting more from you? Or were you really glad that I stopped him? You want more from me, you care about me, I can see it in your eyes." You nod and put a hand on his cheek. "I can see the same exact thing in your eyes. Lucas. Can we put the past behind us?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Only if you promise we can go out tomorrow? To a more respectable place of course though." You giggle. "You paying?" He sighed deeply. "Only way to get you to say yes?" you smile and he laughs. "Yeah I'm paying."

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