5 seconds of summer preferences


6. What he does when your upset

Calum: He hates seeing you cry, so when he does he wants to make you as happy as can be. So he would go out of his way to make you laugh, giggle, or even a small smile would make his day 100 times better.

Luke: Luke would sing songs to you, he would put his heart and soul into the music, making every word perfect. He knew that you loved this, so he knew that it would make you smile when he saw the tears running down your face.

Ashton: Ashton would mess around, he would get you to go on little adventures with him and sometimes Harry. You would have such a laugh that you would've completely forgotten the mood you were in before.

Michael: What Michael would usually do is play video games but when you are really upset he would cuddle. Cuddling with Michael was one of your favourite things, snuggling into his warm chest whilst he hums songs making you smile.

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