5 seconds of summer preferences


1. How he asks you out

Calum: The entire day he was nervous, and you could tell. "Calum what's wrong? You know you can tell me, we've been friends since the day we were born practically!" You say with a laugh. "Yeah, but what I have to say might effect how we and you are with each other." You leaned back when he said that. "What do you mean Calum? Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?" Calum quickly shook his head. "No. You're fine! You're great! That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about!" You were confused. "Explain, Cal" He faced you and released a deep breathe. "I want to know if you'll go out with me!"

Luke: "You didn't have to pay for my lunch, Luke, I really could have handled it!" He shook his head. "No, you're Michaels cousin, it's the least I could do!" You laugh. "You're really a fun one, Luke, hey do you mind showing me some guitar later?" He held the car door open for you. "You mean like play for you or teach it?" You smirk. "Whichever you prefer, Luke, and I'd rather have you teach me instead of Michael!" "Why?" he asks. You shrug. "You're cute and available!" He laughed while shutting your door and getting in on the other side and started to fidget and your hand on his to calm him down. "Relax, Luke, What just happened? One minute your calm then the next you're freaking out!" Luke sighed deeply before facing you. "I'll give you guitar lessons on one condition." "Okay, what's the condition?" you ask. "You go out with me."

Michael: "So, you're Ashton's sister?" Michael says to you backstage right after he gets done performing. You giggle. "Yeah, and you've known that since we met Michael! You're nervous tell me why!" He laughs as he sits next to you. "Okay, I'm just kind of freaking out, mostly because I'm afraid of what Ashton will think of this!" "Think of what?" you say as you crawl over to him and rest your head on his shoulder. "What would Ashton be a factor in?" Michael turned to look you in the eyes and you smiled at his gaze. "Your eyes are amazing, Michael!" He blushed. "So are yours, but here's the question I have for you, okay?" You nod and he messes with his hair. "You may be Ashton's sister but I really like you and I wanted to know if you'd go out with me?"

Ashton: Working for the guys had its perks, mostly the guys, but hey. One day a you were going over the new style of hair that Ashton wanted, he was all fidgety, not his normal self. Looking at the screen for ideas you van still see that he's tense. "Ashton, relax I may be in college only, but I really do know what I'm doing when it comes to this, and besides you haven't had a problem with what I've done with your hair yet!" He laughed and turned your face with his finger "Ashton?" His smile got wider. "You may be mine and the boys hair stylist, but will you please go out with me? I've been trying to ask you out since the first day we saw you!"

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