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44. Your Ed Sheeran song

Liam: 'Kiss You' is the song Liam sings to you when you aren't sure if you can keep dating him it was getting really hard, but then once he started to sing then you realized you loved him.

Harry: 'Little Bird' is the way he feel when he leaves for tour, he misses your kisses and when he is back with you he loves sleeping next to you knowing that you were thee.

Louis: 'This' was playing in Starbucks when you met. He loves it because the first time he saw you his breath caught and he was stunned by how pretty you are. He would do it all again.

Niall: 'Miss You' represents how much he loves you. He loses his mind when you have to leave him. Then as soon as you leave his house you send him a text saying that you miss him already.

Zayn: 'Small Bump' reminds you both of the miscarriage you had and this song is your way of remembering your child.

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