one direction preferences

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9. your couple tattoo

Niall: A crown and a Tiara. Niall as the crown on the side of his index finger on his left hand. And you have the tiara on the side of your index finger on your right hand. So when you hold hands they match up.

Louis: You both got infinity signs on your wrists, accept Louis had Y/N in to and you have Louis in yours. It's to show people that you will stand together forever.

Harry: A heart with your initials in it. You both have a heart with H+Y/N in it, on your left ankles. It's a symbol of your love witch will last till the end of time.

Liam: Forver and always. He has forever tattooed on his shoulder and you have always on yours. It's your secret love note, as it's always hidden by your shirts.

Zayn; Your names. He has your name on his wrist and you have his on yours. You though it was sweet when he took you to the tattoo shop to get them.

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