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21. Your brought up in an interview

Louis: He was on a radio interview today to promote the new album. In the last interview he said he was single, you were nervous because today he was going to go public about you two. The interviewer asked the usual questions about the new album,what their favourite song was and when the next album might be expected. Then the question about who was single. "So who here is single?" The interviewer asked. "Me" The Irish accent spoke. "I am" Harry said. "So Liam your not. Louis in the last interview you said you were who is she?" The interviewer inquired. "Ah her name is Y/N and she is amazing." Louis replied with a huge smile. You were so relieved, the interview kept going but you weren't focused on it.

Liam: The boys were on David Letterman, so you got comfy on the lounge. Liam looked relaxed and so did the other boys, David was cracking jokes then got serious about the boys next tour. "Liam what will Y/N do while your away?" David asked. "Well she will go to school, and when she goes on a break I can hopefully fly her over to me so we can spend some time together." He answered casually. "Ah okay, how do you communicate to your girlfriends and family while your away?" David said for any of the boys to answer. "I think we all like to ext, call, Skype, tweet or anything we can when we have time." Liam responded "Right. Next question" David stated. The interview continued

Zayn: Barbara Walters had the boys for an interview and it was airing on TV. You both sat down ready to watch the interview, Barbara started with some simple questions and every time Zayn would go to answer the boys would all laugh. "Why are you laughing?" Barbara asked. "Well Zayn here normally gets a text from Y/N wishing him good luck but this time he didn't get one and he was freaking out about it, but then Harry got the message from Y/N saying 'Good luck my Bradford bad boy, maybe we can be bad tonight;)' and that is why we are laughing cause they are going to do the naughty tonight." Louis stated trying really hard not to laugh. "Shut up Louis." Zayn said going bright red. "Sorry mate but it's funny." Louis said between laughs. You looked over at Zayn who was looking in every direction but yours. "And why didn't you tell me that I sent that to Harry and not you now the boys are going to tease us." You said going red as well. "Sorry babe I.. don't worry they won't say anything.. I hope." Zayn tried. The boys walk in. "So did you both do the naughty after the interview?" Harry asked. You looked at Zayn then to Harry and started to laugh soon it was trending on twitter.

Niall: Niall and the boys were ding an Ellen interview, no one knew that you were dating and to surprise Niall you asked Paul to arrange for you to be on Ellen only none of them can know and of course Ellen couldn't refuse being the first to know who Niall's girlfriend is. So when Niall left for the interview you said that you were going shopping with some friends but of course you were headed to the set of Ellen. The boys dressing rooms were on the opposite side on the set to yours so they wouldn't see you. The boys were introduced and they got chatting. "So who is single?" Ellen asked. Harry rose his hand and Niall was about to. "Ah Niall why are you raising your hand?" Ellen asked with a smirk on her face. "Ah...Well...I" Niall stuttered. "Y/N why don't you join us?" Ellen stood up and gave you a quick hug. There weren't any other chairs so you sat on Niall's lap. "What are you doing here?" Niall asked still shocked. "Well I know you were going to be on Ellen and I thought it was a good way to tell the fans." You said with confidence. "I couldn't think of a better way." Niall replied before kissing your cheek. Ellen went on to ask a few questions about how you met, you and Niall answered with smiles.

Harry: Alan Carr loved to mess with Harry so when the boys went for the interview. You were in school when it was airing so you recorded it. Once you got home you threw your bag and books on your bed and rushed to the lounge room to watch. "How are you all?" Alan asked. "Pretty good." Zayn answered for them all. "That's good. Now I have a few photos that I found." Alan stated as one of the two of you kissing in the park. "Who is this?" Alan asked. "Erm well that's Y/N, she is such a beautiful girl." Harry explained. "And Harry do you give her your gravy?" Alan inquired evilly. Harry laughed nervously, and the other boys cracked up. "Um.. well." Harry was lost for words. "It's alright Harry, we all know you do." Alan said with a smile. Then there was an add, you called Harry and laughed about it with him.

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