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12. What he does when your mad

Liam: He likes to give you space, even if he isn't the reason, when he feels that you have calmed down he will apologies over and over again until you laugh.

Harry: He likes to draw you a bubble bath with lavender salt and candles. While you're relaxing and calming down he will go and buy you chocolate.

Louis: He loves to poke you all over, until he gets a reaction, which is usually you slapping him, then he gets you to talk it all out and he apologies. 

Zayn: He likes to copy you, so when you're sitting down on the lounge with your arms crossed,he will copy but do it really dramatic hoping to get a reaction out of you, which he does. It's normally you smiling because you can't stay mad at him for long.

Niall: He likes to eat, everyone know that, but when you're upset he will order, buy and cook all your favourite foods. Once you can smell the food you're up and smiling, you can't help the fact that he spent all that time doing that for you. Once you find where that amazing smell is coming from you find Niall eating the food, so you hurry to join him. 

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