one direction preferences

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17. The item he only lets you use

Louis: His suspenders, you love them! He doesn't mind when you wear them he thinks it's really cute, but he won't let anyone else war them just you.

Liam: You wear his plaid shirt all the time around the house and going out. You wore them so often that he had to go and buy more, sometimes you guys wear matching shirts, the fans think it's adorable

Zayn: His geeky glasses, you wear them when your doing homework it makes you feel smart, when he is over helping you with your homework he doesn't actually help you he just stares at you, he loves it when you look smart.

Niall: His food, your the only one that gets to even touch the plate. He is still protective when it comes to the food, but he lets you have a bit.

Harry: Harry thought it was really romantic to give you his paper plane necklace when he goes on tour, you wear it all the time, because it reminds you of him when he is away.

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