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27. One of the boys interrupt when things are getting heated

Harry: You and Harry were sitting in his lounge watching TV, well trying to because Harry has constantly been kissing your neck. "Harry, please stop I'm trying to watch." "But babe aren't I more interesting?" "Harry you know the boys are coming over soon." "Yeah but you know they'll be late." As he said the sentence he kisses your neck, you finally gave in, You were in a heavy make out, his hands roaming your body pulling on the hem of your top indication to take it off. You depended the kiss in agreement, he was about to lift your top. "Hey guys sorry." He hears Liam yell out. "Liam!" You and Harry yell out in sync. The rest of the night Liam made kissing faces at you.

Niall: You were in the kitchen making cookies and you needed the bag of m&m's but you couldn't reach them, "Babe can you help me?" Niall was upstairs on the phone to his mum. "Sure I'll be there in a sec." Niall came down in just his boxers, your mouth hung open. When he walked past you he lifted your chin up. "You know it's rude to stare?" "Not if your staring at an incredibly sexy Irish boy, who is only wearing boxers." "True. Um... What did you need my help for?" You took a step forward, wrapped your arms around his neck and started to kiss his neck up to his mouth. He draped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. "I was going to ask you to get something for me in the pantry but I think I want something else." You whispered in his ear and kiss the spot just below it. "Oh I think I have an idea of what that something could be." After saying that he lowered his hands to the back of your thighs telling you to jump. He then sat you on the bench. You guys were so into what you were doing you didn't hear the door open. "Ummm.. Not wanting to be a party pooper but we have an interview." Both of your heads turned and saw Zayn standing at your kitchen door. "Shit I forgot. Sorry babe." He quickly ran up stairs to get some clothes on, it was an awkward silence between you and Zayn. Before he left he yelled "We'll finish this later." Before walking out the door.

Liam: You were in the bathroom getting ready to go to school, doing your hair and make up. You felt Liam's arms snake around you from behind, he moved your hair to the side and started to kiss your neck. "Liam." You say in protest because he only does this when he's in the mood. Liam didn't stop. "Can you just stay home today?" "Yeah sure I'll stay home and just get no education, then work at McDonalds for the rest of my life. Good plan?" "Come on Y/N, I'm sure one day wouldn't matter." After those words left his mouth he picked you up and carried you to the bed, he laid you down and started to kiss you passionately. Licking your bottom lip for entry you split your lips to let his tongue in. Things were getting heated, Liam's top was already taken off within the first 2 seconds, your hands found their way to the hem of his pants tugging on them indicating to take them off. You were about to pull his pants when Niall bragged through the door. "Hey Liam.. eh. I" Liam's cheeks flushed red and got off him. "I'm so so sorry I'll leave." "No it's okay I was just leaving." Liam gave you a confused look as you kissed him goodbye.

Zayn: You and Zayn had just gotten back to your shared apartment after a day of shopping and both of you were really tired. All you wanted to do was go upstairs and jump into bed and go to sleep but Zayn had other ideas. You had just laid down and Zayn was crawling onto you, you tried to push him off. "Zayn please I'm tired." "But babe you dragged me to the mall and shopped for like 4 hours, that was tougher. You didn't even try anything on." What Zayn was saying was true every time you drag him to the mall a lot. "I'm sorry babe, but I'm really tired." You gave him a frown. Zayn's face light up as he started to kiss your neck along your jaw line. "Babe you don't even have to any of the work I'll do it all please, babe." He nibbled on the skin at the base of your neck, you couldn't say no. Within second your top was flung across the room along with his. "Hey Zayn!" You heard the boys call out. "Shit, what the hell are they doing here?" Zayn got off you and went downstairs still shirtless. "You guys are a major cockblock!" You sat up out of shock did he really just say that? "Oh sorry we'll just go them." Because you were upstairs you couldn't hear what else was said. "Bye Y/N." You were still shocked that he had said that you couldn't form words. Next thing you know Zayn was back in the bedroom putting his shirt on and giving you yours. "They sure know how to kill the mood." And he just walked out of the room, you were too tired to talk to him so you just laid down and went to sleep.

Louis: Today Louis had invited you to the studio to watch him record because he hadn't spent much time with you over the last few weeks because of rehearsal and being in the studio all the time. The whole time you were there all you did was talk to Danielle because Liam brought her for the same reason, so it was more like a catch up for you two. After 5 hours Louis finally came out from the recording room where you and Danielle weren't allowed to go. "Hey babe, sorry about today I thought they would let you in the recording room. But I have a 20 minute brake now. Do you want to go get a drink from the cafe downstairs." "Yeah sure... Danielle do you want to come? So your not stuck here on your own." "No thanks you guys go have some couple time." "Ok see you soon." You gave her a wave as Louis pulled you out of the waiting room. "So how's the record." You tried to speak but Louis cut you off. "Y/N I want you so bad. I need you right now." He turned to face you with his amazing blue eyes filled with lust. "Louis where are we meant to do it? It's not like we can drive home or do it in the car." Next thing you know your being pushed into a small closet. Louis attacked your lips and neck. Things were getting heated, you started palming him through his pants. He was letting out soft moans. Ring Ring. Louis phone went off we wanted to ignore it but you pulled it out to see it was Harry. "Hey Lou we know you are in the closet with Y/N, but our break is over." You heard Harry say over the phone. Louis hangs up and apologizes. "I'm sorry Lou but I need to go home, can I have our keys?" "Is someone embarrassed?" He said raising and eyebrow. "Someone is bored out of their mind, when you go back ask Danielle if she wants to come with me." 


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