one direction preferences

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3. How you met him

Louis: You were at the park with your little brothers. You let him go and play with other kids while you listened to music. You took a quick look at your brother and saw him talking with a group of 5 boys. The lad with suspenders gave him something and then you got up but your brother ran back to you and gave you a piece of paper and ran back to his friends. You opened it and read 'Well hello there. I'd love to take you somewhere. Give me a call;) xx' You smiled at him and waved.

Zayn: Your little sister broke your mirror so you needed a new one. As you entered the shop, one mirror caught your eyes. You practically run to it but after you checked how much it was, your smile disappeared. "You like it?" a voice behind you asked. "Yeah I do." You saw the person in the mirror. "But why you so sad?" he asked again. "It's too expensive." you said a bit embarrassed. "Ah, I will buy it for you." he informed you. "Why?" you asked shocked. "I want to see that smile of yours" he grinned and you automatically hugged him. "Oh, sorry" you mumbled. "That's okay." After he bough you the mirror, he helped you take it home. You exchanged your number and text each other a lot.

Liam: You heard that one direction was in your town doing a M&G and you didn't want to miss it. You quickly grabbed your book and ran to town. You didn't care how you looked. You had a messy bun, sweat pants and an oversized jumper. Little did you want Liam to notice you. After maybe an hour waiting in queue, finally it was your time to go and take photos and get autographs. When you get back home, you wanted to take a photo of their autographs and post it on twitter but the you saw a little note saying 'You are really beautiful girl. I loved that you didn't try to impress us wearing something short. I would love if you give me a call or text. Much love Liam xx' You texted him without thinking twice. You were glad that you did.

Niall: You were quite clumsy and ran into someone spilling your coffee on his shirt. You knew exactly who he is but you didn't make any drama out of it. You were calm even though he is your favourite. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." you told him. "Nah it's good I didn't like this shirt, anyway." he smiled at you. "Would you like to come with me and grab a coffee but don't spill it over me." you. of course said yes. All the time you kept saying how sorry you are.

Harry: You were going home from school taking the same shortcut as always. You noticed a little kitty running towards you. You thought it doesn't have a home so you picked him up. "Aw you poor thing." you said to the kitty. "Thank god you caught it." you heard a voice behind your back. "Is it yours?" you asked still holding it in your hands. "Yeah.. I was about to leave my flat and the door was open and she decided to run off." he explained. "Here you go." you handed him his kitty. "Thank you." he said. "I'm Harry, by the way." "No problem Harry. I'm Y/N." you smiled at him and was about to leave but you felt his hand on your shoulder. "Would you like to go grab a coffee or something." he smiled shyly at you. You find him really cute and said yes. Later on you exchanged numbers.

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