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24. He overhears you saying you love him on the phone (His POV)

Harry: I had just gotten back from the studio after a long day, as I pulled into my driveway I saw that Y/N's car was here. I was so happy that she was here because today was a little stressful. "I told you I'm whispering cause Harry could be home any." I was confused who was Y/N on the phone to? "Okay so what happened was we were just sitting at my place watching TV and I was leaning on him and I looked up and I realised that I love him.. Yes I really do love him... No I haven't told him... Well how am I meant to do I just say Hey Harry I love you?" "I love you too" Y/N was shocked she dropped her phone and stood thee her cheeks going red. I could tell she was embarrassed, so I walked up to her and gave her a passionate kiss.

Zayn: I was hanging at Y/N's place today, just laying around and talking and stuff. Her phone rang so she answered it and went into another room to talk which I thought was weird because she had never done that before. So I followed her and she had closed the door so I put my ear to it and tried to listen. "Oh my gosh are you serious? It can't be true... Really? Wow she moves on fast." Who was she talking about? "Yeah we're good.... Maybe, maybe not?" Who is she talking about now? "Well he's sweet, kind, funny, mysterious, trustworthy and just amazing.... Yeah I think I may have found the one... Stop with the aw... No I haven't told him U think that because that sounds a little creepy." Y/N was talking about me, she thinks I'm the one. This is amazing. I opened the door, run up to her and say. "I feel the same way." "What the hell Zayn you were listening the whole time?" "Maybe, but I feel the same way, isn't that the most important thing here.

I'm only doing 2/5 on this one sorry:(

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