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43. He holds your hand for the first time

Niall: You were on your first date with Niall, at the movies. You were watching G.I Joe Retaliation. You hand was facing up on the arm rest, you felt heat hover over your hand and then a large hand placed down. He put his fingers through yours and then squeezed your hand as if to as if it was okay, you squeezed back. He never let go until you had to get into the car.

Liam: You and Liam had been friends for a while. He had asked if you wanted to catch up over a coffee you agreed. It was great seeing him, but as you were about to take a sip from your coffee you saw your long term ex boyfriend. Liam turned around to see him as well and got the hint. You both stood up and were about to walk out when your name was called, you turned to see him, your ex walking towards you, Liam's was instantly in yours, it was comforting and sweet and you felt a connection. Facing your ex wasn't as hard having Liam there. 

Harry: You were just leaving a local cafe when a broad shoulder bumped you a little too hard and you fell backwards on to your bum. An English accent had burst through the air with an apology. You looked up to see the none other Harry Styles, he was apologising to you. You smiled and nodded saying it was fine but still hadn't quite gotten up from the floor again. He then offered his hand you placed yours in his and there was a spark you didn't let go, you swapped numbers and met and were going to meet up later.

Zayn: Zayn and you hadn't really known each other that long but you were very close with Niall, so when you received a call saying that Niall was in hospital you rushed over. There sat Zayn and one of Niall's friends you said your hellos and general chit chat but when the doctor came out you both stood up to receive the information. Zayn grabbed your hand, you were shocked but it felt fgood so you didn't let go.

Louis: Walking around town going shopping with Lou was fun you walked into TopShop and looked around, a male employee came over and asked if you needed assistance, he didn't even notice Louis' existence and was looking you up and down, you felt Louis' hand in yours and you were being pulled out of the shop. Louis then looked at you and told you how he felt about you, which was that he had liked you since the day you had met and didn't have the courage to say anything so he let the friendship grow, you grabbed his hand and continued shopping.

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