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35. He does the laundry

Harry: You had gone away for a couple of days with your family, and you had left a list of things for Harry to do. You text Harry to let him know you were on your way home. You walked in the front door to hear Harry cursing."Fuck what am I meant to do now the clothes are in the machine!" "Hey babe I'm home." You giggled. "Oh shit, sorry I didn't do the list before you got home I.. I just couldn't be bothered. Babe how do you work the machine?" "That's okay, I'm coming to help." You laughed he had stuffed way to many items of clothes in and used way to much suds. You took out the half of the load, then turned the knob to the right setting and started the machine. "Thanks babe." "Now worries, why don't I just do the other things on the list later?" You replied. "Thanks babe." He kissed you.

Louis: You and Louis were having a clean up day, you gave Louis the job of cleaning the bedroom. Louis never cleaned, so this was going to be a funny day to see how he was going to clean. He was doing well, he had made the bed and vacuumed the floor as well as dusted, the only thing left was the laundry. He started to pick up clothes but when he came across a pair of your panties he stopped to examine them, you come back to the bedroom to see how he was going when you saw him looking at your lace underwear. "Oh, since when do you wear underwear like this?" Louis asked with a smirk. "Since I wanted to, but right now I'm not wearing any." You replied trying to tease him. He dropped the panties and was over to you in seconds, you can guess what you did.

Zayn: You had already taught Zayn how to do the laundry, so you had no problem there, it was putting them in the dryer. Zayn thought that you could put a load of clothing in the dryer and it would work. You had work that day and Zayn was one a break so you asked him if he could put the clothes that were in the washing machine in the dryer. When you got home and asked Zayn if he put the clothes in the dryer he said that he had, you went to the laundry and opened the dryer to see all of the clothes still wet. "Zayn, why are the clothes still wet? Didn't you start the dryer?" "No gorgeous you only told me to put them in the dryer so I did." "No Zayn that meant turning it on and make the clothes dry too." "Oh sorry gorgeous." "Come here please Zayn." Zayn came to the laundry and you taught him to use the dryer, now and then when you ask him to do the laundry he will wash and dry them.

Niall: You were going to have a shower and you asked Niall if he could put a load of clothing in the machine, he said yes. You hoped in the shower and did your usual routine, until you heard Niall yelling, you turned off the shower and rapped yourself in a towel to help Niall. Once you entered the laundry you saw Niall sitting in foam. "What did you do Niall?" "I did what you asked me I put clothes in the machine and put 5 scoops of suds in there too." He explained. "What! Why would you put 5 in? Haven't you ever washed clothes before?" He sheepishly looked away. "No, sorry love." "It's alright Niall." You tried walking over to the machine but slipped instead your towel fell off. "Maybe I should do the laundry more often." You laughed and kissed Niall.

Liam: You and Liam worked well as a team so when it came to teaching him to do the laundry you thought it would be easy, but it wasn't and you had explained it over 20 times and he just wasn't getting it. You were starting to get frustrated. "Liam you put a bundle of clothes that fits in your arms and you can see over into the machine then you put one scoop of suds in. You then close the lid and turn this knob on to the right setting and for this bundle they are mostly undies and bras. Once you have one that you press start. Get it?" "I think let me try." He took out the bundle you had put in and put another in then put the suds in the followed the other steps. You jumped up and down because he actually got it. He smiled and you gave him a quick peck.

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