one direction preferences

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31. Favourite Role play (MATURE)

Louis: He loves it when you dress up as a nurse and he is your patient.He likes it when you give him a physical examination.

Harry: You dress up as a massage therapist every so often as something different Harry loves it especially when you give him a full body massage.

Niall: He likes it when your naughty so you dress up as a criminal and he dresses up as a police officer, lets just say you like to use the handcuffs.

Liam: You dress up as a stripper every now and then. When he comes home you like to give him a bit of a show, with a good dance or two.

Zayn: You had your old cheerleaders outfit, so you dressed up for him and told him to wear one of his varisty jackets, so he is the jock. It had been a year or two but you were still very flexible.

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