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40. A threat you use to freak him out

Niall: 'No sex' when he is being a dick, you like to use this threat, you did have to use it once and then he said that I was missing out but you replied with a proving fact that women can go a few months without sex so really it didn't affect you, it only lasted a week but once he hears you say that he shuts up real quick.

Liam: 'No cuddles' Liam is an affectionate guy he loves to come up behind you and give you a cuddle but on the odd or rare occasion when he takes it a bit too far you pull out that threat you have never had to use it. Once you have said it you recieved so many hugs and cuddles your so worn out.

Harry: 'No touching' when Harry takes it to far you need to set the boundary so when you pull out that threat you get him pouting but he know he has gone to far. 





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