Dance or Hogwarts

This is the rewritten : Dance or Hogwarts.
Jadey's dancing is her life and no one will ever change that. So when she recives a phone call from her mum that's she's been accepted into a boarding school , what she do?


1. The mystery phone call


Dance is my life and always will be however preocipied or old I am dance will never, ever ever not be a part of me. I was three years old when I first started. My mother heard from one of her friends that there was a dance company school near where we lived ( Dover).She told my mum that it was amazing plus that we ( me and my sister) would love to go ( like her daughter who presently does) ; she was defiantly correct. If it wasn’t for her I would be a completely different person today. Dance changes you. It gives you a purpose in life. Goals, achievements, structure you name it and it will be in dance!


Dance is not only great in gaining skills and qualifications. It becomes handy when you older to help deal with life.


It’s just you, the moves and the music lost in time.


Dance creates a vacuum between you and the real world. It blocks away reality and gives you freedom to think. Although you shouldn’t get too lost between fantasy and reality there’s a right balance that is different for everyone, if you do get lost, corrections that your teacher fly at you or chorography will float past and not be taken in. You need the balance of performing the moves and feeling the moves.


Yes I know I sound corny, but it’s true! Ask any professional dancer. They will tell you that if you and the audience don’t understand the feeling and the message of the story in the dance it will become reckless and meaningless. Dance is perfect, well almost…


The bit not perfect bit is the time that it takes up. The only issue that I’ve exprinced is that dancing bumps into your social schedule; believe me guys as teenagers that can feel like hell! Well, maybe it’s actually not hell but it’s irritating. As a teenager now days we have created the stereotype that the average teenager is out with her mates partying and drinking however that’s not me.


I say this stupid thing to the kids at dance: time is like eating an ice-cream there’s only a small amount of time before it melts away. Again I’m being corny, again it’s true. In the world (defiantly the dance world) time is precious, never waste it! Ok I admit, I’m corny!
This is my weekly schedule for dance:
Monday Lyrical Jazz
Tuesday FREE Well  homework …
Wednesday Ballet Blacklight
Thursday Tumbling Cheerleading
Friday Troupe Homework again 
Saturday Help out younger children Stunt group
Sunday FREE But sometimes exams



Yes now many of you may be thinking that’s its not a lot of dance its just a few hours everyday. So let me explain this before anyone judges anything, there are two reasons why I don’t dance more ( I would if I could).
Firstly dance is an expensive hobby (lifestyle) than many others. You have to pay for the class’s, the petrol to get to the classes , uniform , outfits , exam fees, shows , shoes , competitions and much more. Secondly having Chrondromalacia patellae while being a dancer is no fun at all.
Chrondromalacilia patellae, yep it’s a big word : don’t worry me and mum cant pronounce it and dont even think about spelling it ( I’m a terrible speller anyway).I remember two years ago when it started. I was at a carnival for cheer and did too many jumps in a row on hard ground; I did about 18 toe touches in a row on concrete. Yeah … not good, not good at all.
Mum took me to the doctors the next day. I managed to limp in feeling like a granny and waited for the doctor. We waited and waited and waited in till the wait drove me crazy in the stuffy room.
“Mum how long do we have?” I asked.
“Hmm” She peered down to her golden watch. “Well we got here about half an hour early so yeah, about twenty minutes”.

“Ugh” I groaned, kicking the chair that I  was sat on. I hate waiting. Waiting is boring, a waste of time and just too nerve racking (although I don’t really want anyone to know that).

When my knees hurt others could see the pain in my eyes. They asked me if I was ok, fine, I’m fine I would reply. My coach/teacher even considered me not doing the jumps in cheer anymore. No. No I told her. My answer was firm and quick nobody tried to change my mind, they knew that I had chosen my decision already.

I just want to be normal, I just want to dance but as they say, life’s not fair
So the doctor told me that I had chrondronmalacia patellae: damage to the cartilage under the patella (knee). Basically if I don’t get it sorted out arthritis will pay a visit. He did nothing. Just gave me a piece of paper with the word on, told me to look it up on the internet and that’s it, bye, have fun with your pain. Some days result to tears how I can’t do what everyone else does.

But what’s life without a challenge.



“ Jade what are you doing?” My teacher whispered me from the corner of the table. I looked up from my book and gazed up at him.Realising that I’ve been dreaming in my book world.
“Umm, reading.” Duh, I wanted to say. Not really I’m watching amazing, super interesting film about geography that you put on sir. I’m defiantly not reading.

“Watch “he replied. Sighing I popped my book down on the desk and ‘watched the film on the board’.

The film was about a man discovering new facts about a volcano. Interesting but not interesting. I mean it’s interesting to watch however not on the last day of school in the last lessons.

Finally half an hour later the film ended and the pips gave us the single to go home. I was free! Finally! I stood up while dragging my blazer onto my back, giving a goothy look to my mate Jammy.

“Hey Jam did you understand anything from that crap” I asked as I walked out of the room. I’ve known Jammy since I remember. In primary school our teachers used to call us an old married couple. We would argue twenty four seven but we were inseparable.

“Nope ! “ She replied.
“Oy don’t forget me!” Shouted a voice behind me. Meg!
I faced towards Jam and shouted “RUN!”
We sped down the hill as fast as our legs could carry us. Teachers gave us piercing looks for the ‘bad example we were giving’. Soon as we got out of the gate, I stiffly froze and stopped.
“Knees again?” Jam asked while deeply panting from the outburst of energy.
“Hey!” Meg called again still pacing to catch up to where we were un-graciously standing at.
“Don’t leave me!”
“Don’t worry Meggy no one could forget you. You’re too loud to forget”.
“THANKS!” She screamed into my ear.
I suddenly jumped in the air and my phone screeched a noise.
I opened my bag and reached for my phone giggling at the stares from people walking past. By the way I’m known as the weird geek at school. Yep I’m weird and proud!
“It’s my mum” I announced while answering the call.
“Hey mu-“
“Jade stop smoking!” Meg shouted down the phone making my ears ring.
“Meg shut up. What mum?” I asked putting her on loud speaker.
“Come home now I have some news. Some shocking news”.
“What’s mum? What’s wrong? Are you ok?”
“ I’m fine Jade. A letter came-“
“So, so, so sorry mum I’ll work har-“
“It’s not that. I have some explaining to do. You’ve been accepted to a boarding school”.
“Oh my god mum that’s great! Whats it called”
“ Hogwarts …”

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