Harry styles. My kidnapper.


9. chapter 9

I felt the opposite side of the bed dip, my eyes fluttered open to be met with perries smiling face. "Hello love!" I mumbled "hi perrie. Can I ask you a few few questions?" "Of course, shoot!" I thought for a minutes collecting every thought I had. "First of all, why are they trying to get away from Richard, second of all why isn't Ashton a good guy, and lastly how did you end up with zayn?" Her face changed quick at the mention of Zayn. Her face showed pain for a second. "Okay so let me try to explain this better than Harry did. Richard is a horrible man, he won't hesitate to kill anyone. Harry and the rest of the boys killed one of Richards men, and that's why we left so quick. If Richard gets his hands on the boys he will murder them. And as Harry said before the gang has grown quite a bit over the years. There different sides of the gang and luke, calum, Michael, and Ashton are on a different side of the gang, so naturally Harry and the boys don't get along with them. To make the situation worse Harry and Ashton have gotten into quite a few arguments over the past years. And zayn...him and the boys saved me a few years ago, at the beginning of this whole mess. After they saved me I thought I was free but I wasn't. Zayn didn't want me to leave, so I was forced to stay. At first I hated him for dragging me away from my normal life. But after a while I fell for him, harder than he fell for me. Did that answer your questions dear?" I nodded a yes and thanked her. We chatted for a few minutes but not too then she left the room.

I've been laying in this bed for what seems like hours. Harry walked into the room. "Do you wanna go get some food with me?" I nodded yes. Not bothering to fix my hair or even change out of the sweatshirt and sweatpants that I've been wearing all day. We walked to the car, the car ride was mostly silent. We soon were seated at a pizzeria, and began talking about random stuff and eating.

Me and Harry were laying in bed, we've been talking non stop since we left the pizzeria. Harry was in the middle of telling something when his phone started ringing. He paced the room for a few seconds not saying much, I could hear a voice on the other end of the phone but I couldn't understand what it was saying. After barely a minutes Harry hung up the phone and threw it to the floor. He ran out of the room and started yelling to the rest of the guys. In less than five minutes the boys were all in the car and zooming down the road full speed leaving me, perrie, Eleanor, and Sophia standing in the doorway. Eleanor was the first one to speak.."oh no, this can't be good."

*sorry this chapter was short and I feel like it sucked. But yay for two chapters in one day. Main purpose was to just clear up the confusion and whatever so everyone knew what the whole situation is in the story. Comment what you think, comment any questions, and comment what you think is gonna happen next!!!*

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