Harry styles. My kidnapper.


7. chapter 7

I was laying on my bed trying to fall asleep. I heard my bedroom door open, I didn't even open my eyes to look at who it was because I already knew. Harry sat down on the edge of my bed and started talking. "Tonight everyone is going out to dinner, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me." I thought about it for a minute. Anything would be better than staying here, even though I'm pissed at Harry for what he did today. "Okay I guess I'll come. What should I wear, fancy or casual?" He looked at the bags of clothes that were sitting on the floor before replying "fancy but not too fancy..." We just sat there looking at each other for a moment before he started leaning in. His lips were moving against mine. I pushed him off of me and stood up from the bed. He sighed and left the room. I decided on wearing a light blue flowy dress the dress had black tribal patterns on it. I put on black sandals and I left my hair down in waves. I walked upstairs and Harry was in the living room on the phone. I knew I shouldn't have listened to his conversation but I did anyways. He was yelling into the phone. "He's crazy if he thinks he is getting her. she's mine not his, he can trick her into thinking he is good but he can't trick me." I walked into the living room and Harry motioned for me to wait in the car. I went outside and sat down in the passengers seat of Harry's car. Thinking about what he could've been talking about...

We arrived at the restaurant and I was greeted by Niall, liam, zayn, and Louis. They had their girlfriends with them, I was introduced to all of them but perrie was my favorite. I knew I would be close friends with her. After talking to the girls for about 5 minutes a waitress showed us to a table. I walked to sit near perrie but Harry pulled me towards him. Looks like I had no choice in seating. We all sat down and were talking, until four guys walking into the restaurant. I recognized Ashton. I stood up and hugged Ashton, I barely remembered the other night because of all the alcohol. But I remembered the basics so the least I could do was hug him. I released Ashton from the tight hug and he sat down on the other side of me. So now I was sat in between Harry and Ashton. Harry tightly grabbed my hand under the table, I knew he was angry but I ignored it. Ashton introduced me to the three other guys. Luke, Michael, and calum.

After we all ate dinner we decided to go back to Luke's house to hangout. Harry objected at first but I begged him to let me go, I wanted to be anywhere but locked in that room. When we got to lukes house all of the guys went into the living room and played video games. Me and the other girls got bored so we got up and went into the kitchen to hangout. Perrie was venting to Sophia about a problem she was having with zayn. Eleanor turned to me and said "so what's up with you and Harry?!" I looked at her with a confused expression, she spoke again "it's so obvious that you guys like each other, so don't pretend you don't!" I was about to object but Niall came running into the room, " come outside with us, were gonna play a game!" He winked and ran outside. Me and the rest of the girls followed him. Once we were outside sitting in a circle Ashton looked at me and said "truth or dare?" I sighed. I hate truth or dare but I sucked it up and replied dare. Ashton smirked. " I dare you to kiss me." Harry grabbed my hand when I stood up. "No macie you're not allowed to kiss him." I wasn't going to be humiliated like this by Harry. "You're not the fucking boss of me." With that said I walked over to Ashton and sat on his lap, intensely making out with him. I felt Harry grab my arm, I was pulled off Ashton by Harry. Harry and zayn dragged me to Harry's car. Once we were there Harry slapped me in the face. I burst into tears. "Actually macie I think I've just proven that I am the boss of you." I couldn't even think of anything to say so I ran...

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