Harry styles. My kidnapper.


3. chapter 3

I sat in a booth across from Harry. I had no clue where we were, all I knew is I had to get away from him before he hurts me. Why did he take me, why can't he just let me go? Almost as if he read my mind he sighed and began speaking.

H: "I understand that you are angry and want to be free but I can't let you go." He stared at me waiting for my reply.

M: "why can't you let me go, I don't understand. Are you going to hurt me?" I was trying to hold back my tears but it was impossible

H: "I can't let you go because you saw stuff that you shouldn't have, and plus I don't want you to leave..I like you macie. I'm going to be honest with you, if I didn't like you, if you weren't so..intriguing, I would've killed you already. I'm not going to hurt you..unless you deserve it."

My mind was racing, I have no idea what to do. I need to get away from him. There's no way I can escape him. I'm in the middle of nowhere, even if I did get away from him I have no where to go. I'm completely lost. Harry phone started ringing, he quickly answered. After talking into the phone for about five minutes he hung up and spoke to me. "That was my friend louis, there's a small party at his house. We're going so I have to take you shopping today." He slid out of the booth and grabbed my hand making me flinch at his touch. He sighed and kneeled down to my level "darling please don't be afraid of me. You're safe with me." Taking my hand and walking me to the car, he started driving. I assumed to the mall.

I thought about what he said. "You're safe with me.." He's a fucking killer, how am I safe. Even though he's so dangerous the way he said that I'm safe..for some reason it made me feel safe.

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