Harry styles. My kidnapper.


2. chapter 2

I woke up with a pounding headache. I tried to sit up but I couldn't. My hands were tied behind my back, my ankles were tied also. I couldn't see anything, the room was too dark. I sat in silence slowly remembering everything. Harry murdering that man, the four boys, the fear. Tears started rolling down my cheeks, I've been kidnapped. Who knows what Harry is going to do to me. Every terrifying scenario ran through my mind.

My thoughts were interrupted by a door slamming. I heard footsteps coming closer. I felt as if I were in a horror movie. Then a light turned on, I squinted my eyes at the sudden brightness. Harry was standing in front of me. Was he gonna say something or just fucking stand there...

He stood there for a while just looking at me, he then bent down and wiped away my tears "shh don't cry darling."

I cringed. I didn't want his filthy hands on my face. I cried harder. He looked at me, frustrated. Then he stood up and started lecturing me.

"Now..Macie, I don't want to kill you because you're a very pretty girl." He smirked then continued "instead of killing you, I have something else in mind. So I'll keep you alive...but in return you'll be sort of like a sex slave..understand?" He chuckled darkly. At this point there was no use in trying to hold back tears, I couldn't stop crying. Hysterically crying.

Harry walked towards me. "I'm going to give you some helpful advice..don't disobey me. Because I'm not afraid of showing you who is in control. Don't forget that you are mine.." He left, I heard the door slam shut and once again I was alone crying.

The next morning I woke up in the same spot. Except I wasn't alone. Harry was sitting across from me. "Ah darling you're awake! We're going out for breakfast!" He began to untie my hands and legs. "I don't want breakfast." I mumbled I felt him breathing close to my ear "I told you not to disobey me..behave yourself and don't do anything stupid or there will be punishments." He growled into my ear making me shiver.

He threw clothes at me. A pair of sweatpants and a white tee shirt. I looked at him in confusion, I didn't come with clothes..only my dress from last night. "They're mine you can use them for now, just until I take you shopping." I was disgusted why would I want to wear his clothes, he's a fucking killer. But I have no other choice. I sat there waiting for him to leave so I can change, he didn't leave though he just sat there smirking at me. "Can I have some privacy...I have to change." I muttered at him. "Go ahead babe. Change right in front of me, I don't mind." He winked, I was about to protest but I don't want to be punished. I turned around so my back was facing him, I slid my dress down my body. I could feel his eyes on me. I quickly threw the shirt over my head and it went all the way down to my knees, I then put on the sweatpants. Not gonna lie I was very comfortable. I turned back to him and he held his hand out. I gave him a dirty look but he grabbed my hand anyways. I tried to pull away but he held it tighter. "Fuck you." I mumbled as he dragged me I to the car. He started driving. I leaned my head against the window, letting all of my tears go free. I wish I was free.

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