I Want, I Need

Note: Wanted to have a little fun really, just a silly little short story. Some of it is a little slow moving and I'm sure some of it speeds up abit . But this is my first try so give it a go and tell me what you think :)

This story is based upon half real experience and half made up from the mind.
It focuses around a girl who is a virgin. She wants to explore the world of sexual desires and reality, but becomes torn between fanatasies and reality, yes and no, and I want and I need.
It's kind of abit of a twist, a sudden end and may be a little confusion.

Things start to heat up so try and stay tuned to the end if you can.


1. What Eyes Saw

I felt sparks travel down my spine at an almighty pace. I saw him, standing there. A height just over average, not too tall, and not to small, and not too.. average. He had what I would call in my opinion, a perfect level body shape. His shoulders were broad, chest was wide, wide enough for me to take an adventure exploring with my eyes and hands. His skin was creamy-toned, it was appetising, my mouth watering desperate to taste the warm luxury of human touch. His eyes were strong. A deep blue shade, like the sea at dawn in the furthest of remote islands.. calm, heated and naturous. His hands, strong and sturdy. I closed my eyes, a 10 second film raced through my mind of his firm hands gripping my sides and forcing me closer, the hairs on the back of my neck stand, adrenaline rushes through my blood, feeling ready for an event yet to come. His lips, unique, but perfectly shaped. They seem to look tough, but then soft. I was drawn to his lips, as they moved fluently with every word he spoke. Every now and then they would make a sudden smirk, that would make my eyes melt with hard desire.

Almost everyday I watched him, monotoring him like a predator. I was the shark, and he was the bait, but I wasn't going to tear him up into little tiny pieces, instead, I wanted to piece him together!

He was a little strange, he had a mixture of a personality and at times he'd be quiet, then loud, and then quiet again. It was probably due to the fact that on certain occassions he could relate to my personality and then I'd totally throw him off his seat and make him more than uncomfortable..that's where to muteness comes in.

Enough was enough? I had had more than enough and my mind was more than made up.

They say love at first sight is a fair weight of bullshit...In fairytales?no it isn't. But in reality, yes. But a goal with desire at first sight, is not, and I had a goal, a big goal.

I needed him. I wanted him. A burning spark rose to a peak inside me, I needed this to become reality, I needed this to to be come existant, right here, right now. But I'm unpatient, and when I want things, I want them there and then, no hold backs, no excuses, no nothing! I wanted him! And I wasn't going to wait.

OK! Maybe I was over exggerating on the whole 'I want him, I need him' bit, but there is a part of me somewhere that has this instant need for him. It's been two weeks now since we met. The first week was a painful drag but it's sort of ok now, he talks a little bit. I feel slightly disgusted with myself to be honest, how dare I have all these feelings for a guy i've basically just met. How dare I have all these sexual thoughts towards him, how dare I feel like this, how dare I! How did all these emotions come on so quickly. And it ain't love at first sight so we can quit with that crap. I need to keepy my emotions straight, I need to keep myself calm and myself focused. No more concentrations on him or anything to do with sex..


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