Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


32. The Curse of Inabikari - Chapter Six

Chapter Five


Fireplaces and Plots


Gemma stared at the fireplace in her room, thinking of a plan. She wanted to leave the Academy, just for a while, and get away from the boredom. Nothing had happened for a couple of weeks since she had gone to Rubichund-Chi. She lit a fire and sat by the fireplace for a couple of minutes before having an idea. She stood up again and faced the blazing fire, concentrating, before stepping into the fire.


She had wanted to go to where Belladalia was, she had asked the fire to take her to Belladalia but Gemma found herself in the home of Tontidai. “You came.” The Wise Woman said, smiling at Gemma. “How is Yuki?”


“She’s fine, for not. Inabikari is taking over her though. I’ve noticed it in little things. She spends more time near weaponry and she has sudden bloodlusts.” Gemma said, thinking carefully. “Inabikari can act well. No one other than Annie knows about Inabikari, but even Annie does not know much.” Gemma paused, remembering something that Tontidai had said before.  “Inabikari will try to destroy me, won’t he?”


Tontidai nodded. “He cannot do any harm to you during the day, for I think he is scared of becoming exposed. You do not have long, Fyr. You must get rid of Inabikari to save Yuki but you cannot do it again, you will need Night. Do you understand?”


“I understand a little. Where will I find Night?”


“Night is close to you. Remember this Fyr, if you want to live. She is neither your friend not your enemy for now. But in the end, she will destroy you.”


“Destroy me?” Gemma was puzzled. “Who? Yuki or Night? You are you talking about, Tontidai?”


“Do not worry, Fyr. You still have time.”


“Is there anything else I must know about~?”


“There is nothing else for now, Fyr. But be aware of Raven, after Knife leaves, she will still be changed.” Tontidai paused, hearing footsteps. “You must leave now, but take care in what I have said.”


Gemma nodded. “Goodbye Tontidai.” Closing her eyes, she stepped back into the flames and found herself back in her room. Gemma shivered, but not because she was cold.




A couple of days later after a lesson of Power Control, Gemma found herself staying behind to continue a piece of work. Yuki and Annie also stayed behind to work on their magic.  Gemma practiced her magic, doing her best to control the flames in the fireplace, as she blacked out. Yuki watched her fall to the floor. “Gemma? Gemma?” Yuki ran over to Gemma and knelt beside her, shaking her slightly.


“Is she alright?” Annie asked, watching Yuki.


“I don’t know.” Yuki replied, panicking slightly. “Gemma!” Yuki shook her again. “WAKE UP!” Gemma’s lifeless body didn’t move. “Gemma! If you don’t wake up, I’ll hurt Annie!” Yuki said, in a threatening tone.




“Shush, I’m trying to wake her up to make her worry.”  Yuki shook Gemma again. “Annie! We need to wake Gemma up.”


“Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” Annie said, walking over to a tap in the corner of the classroom. She filled a bucket with ice cold water and hurried back with the bucket, wobbling slightly. She poured the bucket of water over Gemma, who didn’t wake up. “Uh oh, that can’t be good.”


Gemma awoke with a start, shivering. “Aaah! Who did that?”


“No need to thank me.” Annie said.


“Why would I thank you in the first place?”


“Um, never mind.” Annie said, running over because she was worried that Gemma would do something crazy.


“See ya later, Annie, for that knife and other sharp objects contraption thing!” Yuki said, laughing and waving.


“Grazie alla coppia di voi per chiedere cosa è successo e se sto bene.”


“Huh?” Yuki asked, confused.


“Have you bought an Italian dictionary yet?” Gemma asked her.




Annie ran back into the room with a big dish of lasagne and threw the lasagne at Gemma.


Gemma raised an eyebrow at Annie. “Just because I speak Italian does not mean you can throw various Italian food at me.”


“I think I can whether you can speak Italian or not.” Annie answered.


“Mmmm, this is delicious.” Yuki said, eating some of the remains of lasagne in the dish.


“Thanks, I nicked it from the kitchens. The pixies that work there don’t mind if you take some food.” Annie smiled.


“Cool, bring me some cake next time you go there.”


Indutus mihi.” Flames leapt around Gemma, replacing her old clothes into new, fresh ones. The flames also got rid of the lasagne.


“You smell like something’s burning.” Annie pointed out.


“Something is burning but it’s not me, it’s you.” Gemma said, her tone mocking.


Yuki looked at Annie and noticed the burning clothes. “Ha-ha! She’s burning your clothes again!”


Annie stared at her clothes for a moment before running to the tap to put the fire out. “Stop burning my clothes! You know my aunt won’t send me any more clothes and I don’t have enough to buy more!”


“I can buy you more.” Yuki said.


“Really? I didn’t know you had money to buy other people’s clothes as well as you own?”


“Neither did I, where did you get that idea from?”


“W-well, you just said you’d buy me more clothes.”


“Did I say buy? Oops, slip of the tongue.”


“She means steal.” Gemma responded, she was now bored and the two other girls didn’t amuse her much. She walked out of the room in search of Violet. “I’m going to find some normal Guardians to talk to.”


“She’s such a killjoy!” Annie exclaimed, irritated. “Maybe we can fling spaghetti at her next time.”


“Why do you suggest Italian foods all the time?” Yuki asked her best friend, her tone serious.


“What do you mean?”


“You suggested spaghetti last time.”


“No I di-”


“What Italian food are you going to suggest next?”


“What the-”


“Are you going to sacrifice the poor pizza?”




“THERE IS STONE ALL AROUND US! WE COULD EASILY USE STONES OR DIRT! It costs money to buy or make Italian food!”


“What the fucking hell are you on about?”


Yuki giggled childishly. “You use Italian foods one more time in your suggestion and I will cut you up with my shuriken!” Yuki’s voice was innocent.




“I mean it.” Yuki made her voice sound demonic.”


Annie sighed. “You watch way too many Anime parodies.”




“Okay, okay, if you’re fed up with Italian food, I guess we could fling pointy objects at her, although it would be a shame to sacrifice a poor innocent knife over a meanie who doesn’t deserve it.” Annie retorted.


“I guess if we threw a knife and it didn’t kill her or severe her arms, she could come after us with it…” Yuki mused.


“Good point, I’d rather kill her then.” Annie nodded as Rosa slinked into the room.


“Kill who?” Rosa asked, curious. “Oh wait, let me guess, Gemma?”


“You guessed right.” Annie said.


“But if it doesn’t kill her, she has a perfectly good knife to come after us with.” Yuki pointed out.


“But, she might not have the energy and bleed to death instead.” Annie countered.


“Doubt it.”






Annie winced at this, remembering Inabikari.


“You guys are missing something vital here.” Rosa said.


“And what might that be?” Yuki asked, looking at her. “We’re going to make a contraption; I know where to get some blueprint. I have a ton of weapons and bombs at my disposal and I am a weapons professional. I have an army of birds if it come down to it. Annie has the hatred that fuel the whole thing and you, Rosa, have the brains behind it all.”


“No, she doesn’t! I was the one that came up with killing Gemma!” Annie protested.


“Don’t bring me into this plot.” Rosa said and raised an eyebrow.


“SHUT UP!” Yuki shouted.


“Oh, are you saying I’m not clever then?” Annie countered.


“I said, SHUT UP!”




Yuki gave Annie a dark irritated look and Annie silenced. “We are going to throw something at Gemma. And whatever that thing may be, if it doesn’t kill her, then it’ll come back to get us. Now, I have a stash of heat-seeking missiles in my secret draw, that no one can get into…” Yuki paused. “Well, apart from Mister Ninja. We’ll use those missiles.”


“But what good is that going to do? We’re heat too.” Rosa pointed out.


Yuki turned to her and narrowed her eyes, grinning. “Well pointed out. But Gemma is the Guardian of Fire, she can summon fire, and therefore her body must be hotter than any of ours. Heat-seeking missiles seek out the hottest vessel/body near them, therefore, what is hotter than fire in a human body?”


“That is quite clever, but something tells me she won’t die.”


“That’s what you guys are missing! You’ve forgotten that Guardians are immortal.” Rosa exclaimed, irritated.


“So, you’re saying that even something as lethal as getting hit with a rocket launcher couldn’t kill a Guardian? That’s impossible, even if you didn’t die, then you’d be badly injured and paralyzed.” Annie scoffed.


“Hey, wait. Remember that someone’s been going around killing Guardians, one way or another. So ha! Guardian’s aren’t immortal!” Yuki exclaimed, pleased with herself. She turned to Annie and muttered in her ear. “Maybe we can include Rosa in with the plot to kill Gemma.”


“Totally, she’s getting on my nerves now.” Annie murmured back.


Hello, I’m standing right here. Guardians aren’t being killed, they can’t be killed. They’re immortal, remember? Guardians turn to stone! Guardians aren’t being killed, they are turning to stone!” Rosa said, annoyed.


“It’s the same as dying – perhaps worse. In death, your mind has settled and has no way to think.” Yuki muttered.


“I wonder if Guardians can be disabled or can get paralysed.” Annie mused.


“That’s an interesting question. If the powers of Guardians can be removed or disabled for a while… I wonder if it’s possible.” Yuki said, interested in the random statement Annie had said.


“The Guardian statue is made by a powerful magic which will not allow the stone statue to break. But the Guardian loses her power and the powers are given to a younger Guardian.”


“Her?” Annie asked.


“The majority of Guardians are females. 1 out of 10 Guardians are male.”


“How do you know all this?” Yuki asked her.


“I pay attention in History.” Rosa said, pulling out a packet of chewing gum from her bag.


“History’s good.” Yuki said, receiving an odd look from Rosa. “I like hearing about History.” Yuki smiled at Rosa.


“Isn’t it weird that most people can recall the facts in History, but when it comes to explaining History in writing, they can’t write a thing?” Annie said. “Isn’t It best that we go to the Library? We could research on what could be killing the Guardians, or what people did in the last outbreak of Guardian killings.”


Rosa nodded. “And I can tell you the details of that murder at school. Ganieda has kept it hush-hush.”


Yuki glared at Rosa. “Don’t start the nodding fest. Me and Annie are both weak to the effects of nodding.” Annie started nodding on cue. “There she goes.”




Gemma made her way to the forest, where it was peaceful. She noticed a centaur standing in the shadows, pawing the ground. “Hello.” She called out, the centaur looking up. It was young and was a white stallion.


The centaur smiled at Gemma. “I was waiting for you Fyr. My name is Althaia.” She signalled to follow her and turned, making her way through the forest.


Gemma was puzzled to why she was being called Fyr. As she followed the centaur to a clearing, she noticed beings in the shadows, moving swiftly, as if they were frightened.  


“The dryads and satyrs are unsettled, Fyr. Danger is coming. We wish for you to help us. We need you and Night. We need you and Night, and Frost, and Aqua. We need all 14 of you.”


“14?” Gemma asked, stunned. There was that name again, Night, the name that Tontidai had said will destroy her.


“I cannot say much of the 14, I am forbidden. I am not to be talking to you either, if anyone finds out, I will be in trouble.”


Gemma nodded, understandingly. “I won’t tell a soul about our meeting.”




Grazie alla coppia di voi per chiedere cosa è successo e se sto bene. - Thanks to the pair of you to ask what happened and if I was okay.

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