Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


33. The Curse of Inabikari - Chapter Seven

Chapter Six




Yuki watched Annie nod and Yuki started nodding with her.


“Where is the Library exactly? I don’t think I’ve ever been there.” Annie said, still nodding.


“Hm, I don’t know. I can’t remember.”


Rosa sighed. “Stop nodding and I’ll show you.” Yuki and Annie slowly stopped nodding and followed Rosa to the Library. The Library was a large domed room with hundreds and thousands of books. It also had a computing section in a corner of the room, in case anything on the internet was needed. Rosa scoured a shelf, Violet, who was already there, helped Rosa find what they needed.


After a couple of minutes, Annie threw a book in anger as she had found nothing useful in the library.


“Tsk, tsk. You shouldn’t throw books.” Violet said, mockingly.


“Book throwing is fun.” Yuki said, sitting on the floor, rocking backwards and forwards.


“You confuse me.” Violet said.


“I used to throw books when I was angry, because I didn’t have knives then.”


Annie threw another book in despair and Yuki made a show of catching it. Annie then remembered something useful and drummed her fingers against the spines of books, looking for the right one.  “Yuki, you’re a genius.” She flicked through the pages and finally found what she was looking for. “It’s the Hag!”


“Violet is in that book?” Yuki said, in mock surprise.


Violet narrowed her eyes at Yuki as Rosa said, “You guys are really mean to Violet, you know?”


“Yeah, but she calls us idiots. She doesn’t get our out-of-this-world intellect, right Annie?


“Right.” Annie agreed.


Yuki wandered over to the ghosts and paranormal section and take a book of the shelf. She sat back down by the group and flicked through the book. “Wow, when I die, I want to be ghost that does that… No, wait… I don’t want to be a ghost like that.”


“You don’t die, remember?” Violet said.


“I don’t die?!”


“We’ve been over this…more than once!” Rosa said.


Yuki stuck out her bottom lip and trembled, almost bursting into tears.


Annie picked up a dictionary. “Here, look, in Guardian references, dying means the separating of the soul to body and when we turn to stone the soul is separated from the body.” Annie snapped the book shut as Violet winced at the sound. “So there, Rosa, we do die.”


“That’s a man-made dictionary, dweebs. Humans are idiots and have no idea about Guardians. Guardians don’t have a soul, thickos.” Rosa scowled.


As soon as Rosa said that Guardians don’t have a soul, Yuki gasped and sat frozen, though nobody was looking. She started to think deeply. After a couple of minutes, she became annoyed and stood up. She hit Rosa, clean on the cheek, and turned away darkly.


“Ow! What was that for?” Rosa snarled.


“The soul is the essence that keeps the body from degrading. It grants us emotions and memories. It gives us the ability to carry our memories with us and find the people we care about most after death. Don’t you go telling me, that if I ever got turner to stone, that I wouldn’t be able to join my family. It’s the only hope that keeps me going the way I do!” Yuki had tears in her eyes, but she tried to hide her upset. Annie buried herself in a book, aiming to keep out of the conversation. Yuki looked at Annie, who must have felt Yuki’s stare because she yelped. “What do you think, Annie?”


“Well, it’s not my fault; we don’t have a soul, so don’t ever slap me again.” Rosa said, furious. She grabbed Yuki’s arm and twisted it behind her back, causing Yuki to grab her knife from her hilt and slash at Rosa’s hand, causing Rosa to let go of Yuki’s arm.


Annie ignored the fighting, as Violet watched amused. “I agree with Yuki, plus if you have no soul, you are practically just a machine. There must be some type of soul inside you, even if it is called something else or plainly undetectable.”


Yuki nodded in agreement. “Besides, I have proof there must be something.”


“Really? Tell us, tell us!”


“I can’t tell you. My proof is one of my secrets.”


Rosa snorted. “Yeah, that’s because you don’t have any proof.”


Annie glared at Rosa. “Like I say, everything has an explanation and still, if you have no soul, you’re just a machine.”


“You already said that.” Violet pointed out.


“I know, I’m just trying to make a point.” Annie said.


“A point which I agree.” Yuki smiled and giggled.


“We don’t have a soul.” Violet insisted.


Yuki grunted at her. “My family was human and humans have souls. I’m the only Guardian to be born within in my family for about 200 years. Maybe I have a soul.” Yuki looked back at Annie. “I still think everything has a soul of some sorts.”


“Face it, we don’t have a soul. Ask Gemma.” Rosa continued.


Yuki knew that what Rosa said, must be slightly true, but the way she kept insisting was starting to bug Yuki, very much. “Fuck off.” Yuki put her two fingers up at her and there was a flicker of purple in her eyes. Damn, why did I do that? “Damnit.” Yuki sighed. “Sorry, Rosa-chan.”


Annie tuned out of the conversation, something strange was happening, and the little snippets of the future that Annie could see because of her power, was seemingly vivid.


Rosa sighed, bored of arguing. “It’s okay.”


“THE HAG!” Annie shouted suddenly.


“What about it?” Violet asked her.


“She apparently went around sucking the light out of people and Guardians. She was on the rampage back in 1988, but they paralyzed her and kept her unconscious somehow, but I reckon she escaped and is killing everyone again. They’ve kept it incredibly secret, you’d think with a killing machine on the loose, they would at least tell someone about it.”


Yuki laughed at Annie’s theory, but her laugh sounded forced. “You would be surprised at the speed of a murder warning travelling around.”


“Shut up about the hag.” Rosa said, causing Annie to look hurt.


“What’s wrong with talking about it?” Annie asked. “I’m just saying that she could have been one turning everyone to stone.”


Yuki put her finger to her lips, thinking and then giggled and smiled. “Annie is clever.”




Gemma stared at the centaur. “What do you mean by danger?” As she said this, there was a sharp call, like a bird’s cry, sounding a warning.


Althaia paused, listening. “You must go back to the Academy. It is not safe now, someone could be listening in. I shall see you later.” Althaia galloped into the forest, disappearing.


Gemma sighed and trekked her way back to the Academy, making her way to the library. It was abnormally quiet and Gemma noticed how less students were about. Entering the library, she saw Annie, Yuki and Rosa arguing. “What’s happening here?”


Yuki smiled and ran up to Gemma, grabbing her hands and smiling cheerfully at her. “One-chan, Annie-chan is very clever. But Rosa-san does not agree; how rude of Rosa-san.”


Gemma stared at Yuki for a moment. “Violet, fill me in please.”


“Annie is good.” Yuki continued, running over to Annie and hugging her.  “Onee-chaaaan, Annie chan has an idea about ‘killings’.” Yuki looked at Gemma, then at Annie, before standing up and walking to the picture book section. Annie laughed and explained her idea to Gemma.  At that point, Yuki wandered over to the occult section, looking for something particular. I wonder if she will ever know… She began to wonder if she should stop the whole charade soon but decided against it. She was having fun and would save it till she was bored.


“The hag!” Annie shouted again as Yuki sat down with a book, legs crossed and grinning as she saw the pictures.


Gemma sighed. “There is no hag.”


“Have you never heard of souls coming back from the dead and inhabiting someone else’s body?” Annie retorted.


“Of course I have, but the hag never existed. It is a mythological creature, made by man to scare their children.”


“Mythology is true! Fantasy is real!” Annie turned around. “Could it be another case…? But if she was a mythological creature that never existed then how could she have been on the rampage less than 20 years ago? Unless her powers are passed down from generation to generation… I don’t understand what else it could be.”


“Doggy!” Yuki exclaimed, clapping her hands in glee at the picture.


“There was no hag. During the times in which witches were hunted on Earth, a witch was burned but she survived, thanks to a spell. Her appearance was left ruined, which caused everyone to think she was a hag. But she was destroyed centuries ago by the Chosen One. Nobody was on a rampage 20 years ago.” Violet said, matter-of-factly.


“But…but… I got it from this book.” Annie held up the treacherous book.


“Annie, can you not see the book you are holding contains fake information.” Gemma said.


“Hence the title, ‘History for idiots’,” Rosa rolled her eyes and smirked.


“Where does it say that?” Annie said, surprised.


Violet sighed and took the book off her. She rubbed the dust covered spine so that the book revealed the title.


“Oh.” Annie paused before answering. “Actually, stuff like that is supposed to help idiots learn their history so why would it be tricks?” Annie smiled mischievously. “Or are you denying it because it’s something that you have never heard about?”


Exurere.” The book in Violet’s hand burst into flames, leaving ashes and small remains of the pages.


“Screw you! You couldn’t even give me a good argument for it!” Yuki shouted frustrated. Everyone stared at Yuki in surprise as she stared at the ashes of the burnt book. “No book should ever be burnt, it doesn’t matter what it is.” Yuki muttered.


Annie sighed. “I know you just burnt those letters on to the front of the cover to spell ‘History for Idiots’. And I know the Hag is real, you’ll see that she has been turning everyone to stone and you’ll see that she is sucking the life out of people!”


Yuki glared at Gemma, struggling to control herself. She stood up and kicked the ashes before returning to the shelf she was at before, and continued to read, not wanting to talk to anyone. “It’s not like it was going to hurt her, it was just a book. What a huge overreaction. Melodramatic bitch.”


Rosa muttered something about not wanting to hear Yuki’s nonsense and Yuki glared at her. “YEAH, I’VE FIGURED THAT OUT BY NOW, ROSA! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR MY SHIT, DO THEY? NOBODY CARES! JUST LOCK ME IN A ROOM! CALL ME SPECIAL! THEN LEAVE ME TO SLOWLY DIE!” Her hand hovered over her pocked as she shouted this. “WHY DON’T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME GET MY IDEAS OUT FOR ONCE! SCREW YOU!” Yuki breathed heavily and stormed out of the library.


“A temper that horrible will get you nowhere, Yuki. Control it, a bird should not have such a temper.” Violet shouted after her.


Yuki heard that last comment as the door slammed shut. “Whatever, I’m not your average bird.” Nobody heard her because the door had already shut.




“And from what exactly?” Rosa asked her.


“FROM YOU!” Annie pushed the bookshelf closest, so that it toppled over, creating a barrier between the bookshelves.




Yuki wandered away from the library, wanting to put distance between her and them. She felt kind of bad for leaving Annie in there, but if she wanted to come out, she could. She sat on the floor, cross-legged, then hit both her fists on the floor. “Damn it, why’s it so hard?” Yuki murmured.


“Are you okay?”


Yuki almost shouted at the girl, but seeing it was someone she didn’t know, she stopped herself. “Yeah.” She muttered, even though she was seething.


The girl smiled. “I can tell you’re not. I’m Zelda, Guardian of Love, you are?”


“Yuki, so called Guardian of Birds -  I’m a raven.”


Zelda smiled.


“Hmph.” Yuki turned away from her and pressed her hands against the ground. “Damn.” What is wrong with me? My self-control is going haywire.

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