Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


30. The Curse of Inabikari - Chapter Four

Chapter Three


“Чтожетеперь” Yuki said. Gemma and Annie both stared at Yuki, shocked. Yuki doesn’t know whether they are surprised or they don’t understand her. “あなたは、ロシア理解してか?方法については日本語?”Now the two girls were really surprised with Yuki. “Stupidity is just a mask. Trust me, I should know.”

“I never thought you were stupid. I thought you were just pretending to be weird, just like me.” Annie said, offended.

“Янезнаю, чтовымоглиговоритьнарусском, Yuki.” Gemma said, astonished at Yuki’s linguistic ability.

“Яговорюнарусском. Японский, атакже. Ятакжезнаюнемногофранцузскийииспанский.” Yuki said, smiling at Gemma.

“Удивительные. Язнаюмноготакихязыков, какфранцузский, испанский, немецкий, итальянский, хинди, гуджарати, непальский, русский, японский, китайский, польскийибенгали. Явнастоящеевремяизучениегреческого.” Gemma said but she didn’t return Yuki’s smile.

“I have no idea what you are saying so I am going to nod meaninglessly.” Annie said, and she started nodding like mad.

Yuki sat down on the ground and thought for a while. “Is it just me or do things seem…..effed up?”

“What do you mean, Yuki?” Gemma asked.

"Well, Most of the students seem to have disappeared and well... I don't know. It's just a feeling."

“Something's up and I'm determined to get to the bottom of it.” Annie said, stopping her nodding.

“Yeah, right, good luck with that. Since when have you been a detective?” Gemma asked, her tone mocking.

"I don't have to be a detective to work out a mystery." Annie said in defence.

“Maybe not, but you need a brain, clues and an actual mystery. All of which you do not have, Annie.” Gemma said.

“So, you don’t think it’s a mystery?” Annie asked.

“No, I think it’s something else-not a mystery at all. I’m not completely sure what’s going on but I have a good idea.”

“Oh yeah, do tell.” Yuki said.

“It is not a mystery.” Gemma paused to add suspense. “It’s killings.”

“But there is a mystery. Who’s killing the Guardians?” Annie said.

“Oh, for goodness sake, there is no mystery. Guardians are being hunted.” Gemma said.

“But I thought Guardians are immortal.” Yuki said, puzzled.

“They are but they can turn to stone.”

“But who’s killing them?” Annie asked.

“That’s what Guardians are trying to find out.”

“So it is a mystery, with nobody knowing who's doing it and all?” Annie said.

“Will you shut up about mysteries? Ganieda is trying her best to gather as many Guardians as possible. Rumour has it that the High Council are coming as well for a meeting.”

“If all the Guardians are gathered together in one place, it will be easier to turn us to stone.” Yuki said, notably.

“Ganieda is only gathering the young Guardians like us. If the school is attacked, the stronger Guardians will do the best to save everyone else.” Gemma answered.

“But what if it’s another Guardian ‘killing’ other Guardians? What if there’s like a group of them just gone bad or insane?” Annie suggested.

“Guardians can’t kill other Guardians. They will be destroyed and replaced. If you are suggesting that it is the Darke Council killing everyone, then you are wrong. If the Darke Council started attacking, the world would be destroyed. The Darke Council do not want that.”

“What a shame.” Yuki muttered under her breath.

“Did you say something Yuki?” Gemma asked.

“I was just saying it was a good thing. I mean, because if what you just said is true, then we'll all be safe.” Yuki said.

“It is true. Do you think I am telling lies, Yuki?” Gemma asked in suspicion.

“Er, hi?” A voice behind them said. They turned around to see a girl with short hair smiling at them.

“Hi, I’m guessing you’re new.” Gemma said.

“Yeah, the name’s Violet, Violet Blake, Guardian of Mystery.” She said.

“My name is Gemma, I’m the Fire Guardian. This is Yuki, Guardian of Birds and Annie, Guardian of Stars.” Gemma introduced.

“It’s nice to meet you all.”

“Are you really the Guardian of Mysteries?” Annie asked rudely.

“Are you really that stupid?” Violet snapped back, narrowing her eyes.

“I was just asking, in case you could find this mysterious person that’s killing everyone.” Annie muttered.

“Don’t be so rude, Annie.” Gemma said.

“How am I being rude?”

“I’m guessing your Aunt never taught you any manners-neither human nor Guardian.”

“I’ve got better manners than you. Remember the time when Yuki told a really funny joke at the Dining table and you spurted mashed potato.” Annie countered back.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Yuki said.

“I recall that it was you that ‘spurted’ mashed potato, seeing as I am not fond of it.” Gemma was satisfied that Annie was turning red after remembering the event. “I can give you a tour of the school grounds if you wish, Violet?”

“Huh, oh, yeah, okay then.” Violet said. “How big are the grounds anyway?”

“Large if you count the forest.”

“Wait up, guys, nobody ever laughs at my jokes. People say ‘ew’ quite a lot. Once or twice, someone threw up but I don’t think anyone spurted mashed potato. You two are just desperate to irritate each other.” Yuki said, nodding thoughtfully.

 Gemma just stared at Yuki before turning her attention back on the new girl.  “Violet, would you like to meet the centaurs?”

“Centaurs, are you joking?”

“Nope.” Gemma led the way in the direction of where the female centaurs lived.

“CENTAURS!” Yuki shouted, running after them. “I’M COMING TOO!!”

“Come on then.” The three girls ran towards the forest, leaving Annie behind.

“Fine, go see the stupid centaurs! It’s not as if I care!” She shouts and runs in the opposite direction.

“YAY, YAY! THIS IS GONNA BE FUN! I’m gonna slice them, and dice them, and they’re gonna die and their blood will be perfect bait for the ogres. And then I’ll beat the ogres with a sledgehammer! Yaay!” Yuki clapped her hands again.

“She’s so stupid and innocent yet she speaks such violent nonsense.” Violet said, staring at Yuki.

“That is Yuki.” Gemma said, sighing.



Чтожетеперь – Now what

あなたは、ロシア理解してか?方法については日本語 – Do you understand Russian? How about Japanese?

Янезнаю, чтовымоглиговоритьнарусском.” – I didn’t know you could speak Russian.

Яговорюнарусском. Японский, атакже. Ятакжезнаюнемногофранцузскийииспанский.” - I can speak Russian. Japanese as well. I also know a little French and Spanish. "

Удивительные. Язнаюмноготакихязыков, какфранцузский, испанский, немецкий, итальянский, хинди, гуджарати, непальский, русский, японский, китайский, польскийибенгали. Явнастоящеевремяизучениегреческого. - Amazing. I know many languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Bengali. I am currently learning Greek.

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