Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


34. The Curse of Inabikari - Chapter Eight

Chapter Seven


The Boy That Saved Her Life


“You have to be in charge now. All 3 of us have to. It’s only fair as Anastasia didn’t chose anyone to lead after her death.

The girl sighed softly and turned to face her brother. “Tell me everything, Jared.”

Jared shook his head. “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you everything. But I can tell you some things. First, the Darke Council believes that the True Queen is not at her rightful throne.”

Belladalia nodded, remembering the events of that night. It had been over a month ago but she remembered it clearly, like a film that would never stop playing in her head. She had been kept in the dungeons of the castle for the night. Jared had freed her and made her stay in the castle, telling her it wasn’t safe for her. Belladalia had tried to leave and run away. She had run in the middle of the night for the surrounding forest but had been caught. She didn’t know who it was that had caught her, but she knew that her catcher was female. She had been wearing a long red cloak and the hood had been covering her face. Belladalia still didn’t know who it was or anything about her. “Anastasia said something like that. She said that we were to murder the imposter queen and place the real Queen on the throne. That was the plan, but she died.”

“It is said that there would be a great war, and words ‘Fire will extinguish Water’ were told. At first, people believed that this had something to do with the Fire Guardian and the Water Guardian. It was later on realized that it was talking about bad winning good.” Jared paused, unsure of what to say. He still couldn’t trust Belladalia, he didn’t know whose side she was playing on. “Some of the Guardians believe that the throne going to the rightful leader will cause this war.”

Belladalia sat down and thought. Everything seemed to go around the Queen and it seemed that the war had a connection to the true Queen. “Kill her.”

“Kill who?”

“The true Queen. Maybe this way we could stop this war.”

“But you don’t know how the true Queen is, Belladalia.”

“If it’ll stop the war, then kill the real Queen. I don’t care who it is.”

“I don’t think that’s wise, Belladalia. She’s well protected.”

“Then kill anyone that will get in the way.”

“What if it means killing the Chosen One?”

“Then kill anyone that will get in the way.” Belladalia repeated through gritted teeth. “Simple orders, Jared, obey them.”

Jared sighed. “As you wish.”




“I think we should apologise to her.” Rosa said.

“Who, Yuki or Annie?” Violet asked.

“Either of them. They’re both going to go into a strop.” Rosa countered.

Gemma thought for a moment, half listening. She was so confused and nothing was going right for her. First of all, there was the Yuki and Inabikari problem. Inabikari could come back anytime and Gemma had no idea how to lift the curse. And what was she going to do with the killings? Gemma stood up and walked out of the library in search of Yuki. Rosa watched her leave and didn’t stop her.

Gemma found Annie first. Annie was in a strop and stampeding around the Fire Studies classroom. Annie had somehow managed to find herself sitting underneath a mountain of books.

Gemma sighed and kicked the pile, hitting Annie. “OW! Go away!”

“I came to apologise but if that’s your attitude…” Gemma turned around slowly, smiling softly.

“Apologise to Yuki first.” Annie shouted stubbornly.

Gemma rolled her eyes and made her way out of the classroom. “Adolebit vestimenta.”

A muffled crackle could be heard from underneath the pile and Annie leapt out of the pile, her clothes on fire. “GEMMA!”



“What happened her?” Violet asked a very cross Annie.

“Blaze burnt my clothes, again.” Annie responded, pouting.

“Don’t you know why Gemma…” Violet paused for a moment, trying to think of the right word. “…unleashes her anger on just you?”

“No, but now that you mention it, I’d love to know.” Annie mused for a moment before grinning wickedly.

“We’ll need a plan. Meet me in the library at 4.” Violet said, grinning just like Annie.

“Okay. I won’t bring Yuki. She’ll only think of killing her first.” Annie nodded.

“Can I come along?” Rosa asked.

“Um, listen Rosa, I like you heaps, and would love you to come along, but…”

“Sure you can come Rosa.” Violet answered for Annie.

“Cool. See you there.” Rosa walked off, leaving the Fire Studies room.

“Why did you tell her she could come?” Annie asked.

“She might be able to help us.” Violet answered.

“In what way?”

“She’s close to Gemma, isn’t she?”

Annie nods before realizing. “Ohh.” She poked Violet’s shoulder.

“What did you do that for?”

“I just felt like poking you.”

“Being your mad self as usual, I suppose.”

“Yep.” Annie started nodding.

“Oh, don’t start that again.” Violet walked out of the Fire Studies classroom before she could catch Annie’s contagious nodding.

Annie heard an explosion around the corner and ran, to see Gemma scream at the explosion in front of her. “What happened?”

Gemma didn’t answer but just stared at the explosion. The explosion was forming a thick pink mist as Gemma noticed something. “Run!” She screamed, and the two ran.

“Quick! In here!” Annie shouted over the noise as she pushed Gemma into a nearby supply cupboard, charging in after her.

“Ouch. You are sitting on me.” Gemma hissed. Gemma pushed Annie off her, causing her to bump her head against the wall. Gemma searched for a box of matches in her bag and lit them.

The two heard shrieks and screams over the rumbling and stayed put. Annie eventually clicked her finger, to create a small star the emitted light. There were pain staking seconds of waiting in the midst of the limited light of the match and star.

Gemma pulled out an old fashioned torch from her bag and lit it with the matches to have a look around at the room they were in.

Annie began to cough over the smoke produced by the torch and in her annoyance, she lit a star the size of a football and let it float independently to the top of the cramped space like an unusual ceiling lamp. “So what do we do now?”

“Wait until the pink mist dies out.”

“But that could take ages! We can’t stay here that long!”

“Hold the torch for me.”

Annie held the torch that Gemma passed her and stood patiently. Gemma closed her eyes and was pulled into the fire.  She found herself in a reception made out of marble. The receptionist at the desk was busy working at a computer but she looked up to see Gemma. “Excuse me, but could I see the Queen? I have some urgent information about the Academy?”

“The Academy? What is your name?”

“Gemma Waterstone, Guardian of Fire. Daughter of Darius Waterstone, Guardian of Wolves and Cameo Waterstone, Guardian of Designing. Great Grandaughter of the Daughter of Gaia, Ash Meridian.” Gemma said formerly.

The receptionist nodded. “Wait for a minute or two.” Gemma waited impatiently. “The Queen will see you now. Just go through the corridor until you get to the large granite doors.”

Gemma nodded and said thank you before walking down the corridor that the receptionist had indicated. It was dimly lit and made of old stone. She shivered although the corridor was not too cold. It was becoming a habit now, although it was unusual for a Fire Guardian to be cold.  As she walked down the corridor, she wondered how long the corridor would go on for. She felt like she had been walking for a hours and she had. It was only after a few hours that she realized it was a trap. Gemma stopped walking and ran to the direction of where she had come from. The corridor stretched out in front of her, going for miles and miles. As she ran, the stitch in the side of her ribs ached. She slowed down to a halt and stopped, breathing deeply. She gave up and sat down, closing her eyes. As she leaned against the wall, she heard footsteps heading towards her and she opened her eyes again. There was a boy standing in front of her, not much older than her, with his dark hair and sea green eyes. He had to be 16 at the most, yet his eyes looked more light filled and wise. “Get up.” He hissed at Gemma before glancing at the end of the corridor, checking to see if someone was following him. Gemma stood up and brushed her clothes lightly. “Come on, follow me and stay quiet.” He whispered. Gemma followed him along the corridor, noticing that the corridor no longer was stretching. “The corri-”

“It won’t mess with your mind now. It obeys me.” The boy answered, leading the way. Gemma stayed quiet for the rest of the journey and at the end of the corridor, she found herself at a clearing.

“Can you get back home?” The boy asked Gemma.

Gemma nodded. “I’m pretty sure I can.”

“Good.” The boy turned to leave.

Gemma hesitated but her curiosity was determined to get the better of her. “Wait.” The boy stopped. “Why are you helping me?”

The boy turned slowly to face her. “Killing Guardians isn’t right. No matter what happens in the future."

“Killing Guardians? Do you know what’s happening with the Guardians then?”

“She believes it’s for the best but no. I think what is to happen in the future, happens. If there is a war, then so be it.”

The war was something Gemma had heard about. Gemma wanted to ask what he meant but she knew it would be rude. “What is your name?”

“Jared.” The boy answered.

Gemma stared at the boy. The name was familiar yet she knew that she had never seen Jared before in her life. A bell rang in the distance, causing Gemma to jump as she was pulled out of her thoughts.

“Go. They have found that you have escaped. You must leave this place. If anyone finds you, they will kill you.”

“What about you?”

“They can’t harm me.” Jared gave a weak smile. “Goodbye Fyr. And remember, Fire will extinguish Water. We will meet again.”

Gemma returned Jared’s smile. There was that name again, Fyr. And what did Jared mean? “I hope that day is soon. And thank you for saving my life.”

Jared said nothing but set fire to some leaves. “Iter tutum fuerit Guardian. Tolle eam ad Academy.”

Gemma closed her eyes as she was pulled into the fire.

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