Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


11. Reached Competition Entry

Is this happening to everyone? Or only to me? Is something trying to make sure I don't come back? I can hear my heart slowing down. It's as if I've hit a barrier that is invisible to all. I feel like I'm breaking down and as if what keeps me together is being attacked.

I can't live this way any longer. I want to be free. Free like the wind which does as it please. But freedom has a price. My life is the small price for the freedom of everyone else.

The world is on mute as I walk to my execution. To my death.

There is silence.

There is still no freedom. Not even the freedom to cry at an execution.

I am force to kneel, pushed down on knees but I keep my head up, facing the crowd that have came to see my execution. It's not a sign of arrogance; although arrogance was told to be my fatal flaw. It's a sign that I will never give in to those that restrict freedom. A message that even in death, I shall never accept a world without the power to choose.

If independence is not given, then I hope my death will start a revolution. 

I wait. Wait for the bullet that will enter my skull and finish my life.


I wait for my death, while others wait for freedom.

They have waited too long.

With this thought, my life ends. 

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