Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


18. Knife, Camera, Action - Chapter One

Chapter One 

Phoenix shifted her curtain, after staring at the darkness that was the sky. Night seemed to come quicker now, almost as if it was restless.

Maybe the night was restless.

She sat back down on her bed and stared at the paper in front of her. Phoenix never thought she was good at art, but she enjoyed it. It took her mind away from her current life. Picking up her pencil, she drew the night sky outside. Five minutes went by before she way happy with what she had done. She slipped her work back into her art folder and placed the folder on her desk. 

She scurried into her bed, pulling the duvet around her to block out the cold that dominated the room. "Good night," she said aloud as if she was speaking to someone who wasn't visible. There was no answer and Phoenix smiled to herself. 

She snuggled into her bed and read her book. In the back of her mind she knew that saying good night didn't really matter. The person she was saying good night to wasn't planning on sleeping.


Phoenix awoke later that night. It wasn't an alarm that woke her up and she didn't want to wake up. But she woke because she had a job to do. A job which Phoenix partly enjoyed because she could watch people suffer. 

She rubbed her eyes, doing whatever she could to extinguish sleep. Phoenix sat up in bed and yawned before glancing at the clock. The hand of the clock that counted the seconds was stuck at 6, after she had broken it a couple of months ago. But the clock still worked. 

It now informed Phoenix that it was past midnight. Phoenix raked a hand through her hair before tying it loosely. She smiled at the figure that was leaning against the door. "Hey there, snakey boy."

The boy scowled at being called 'snakey boy', his face half hidden in the shadows. "I'll give you 5 minutes. Then we leave." He slipped out of the room, closing the door silently as he left. 

Phoenix yawned again and then crawled over to the wardrobe, too lazy to get up. Opening the door, she pressed against the back of the wardrobe to reveal a secret compartment.

"Eenie, meenie, minee, mo." She muttered to herself, before picking up a black wig. She tossed it onto the bed. The wig was followed by a pair of skinny jeans, a navy duffle coat, a top, a pair of boots and a bag which contained make up. 

She spent the next several minutes adjusting her outfit, making her unrecognizable. She didn't turn when she spoke. "What do you think, Chaos?"

"Unrecognizable as usual." Chaos said, his voice bored. He had slipped back into the room and was trying to avoid speaking to Phoenix. 

Phoenix smiled and turned back towards the mirror , examining herself. She was satisfied with her appearance. "Now for the finishing touch. Poison needles, don't you think so, Chaos?"

She didn't wait for Chaos's reply but rumbled through the hidden compartment. She evidently found what she was looking for - a bottle of poison. She placed the bottle carefully on her desk and searched the drawer again. She brought out a couple of needles and dipped them in the poison. Her next weapon was a large combat knife. She turned to face Chaos. "We should get going."


Chaos landed in an alley that had very little light. It was convenient enough to hide Chaos's glossy black wings. They had landed opposite a pub and as Phoenix climbed off Chaos's back, she wondered how much research Chaos must have done. 

"So, who's the target today?" Phoenix asked, staring at the pub. 

"Mak Tayor, 42, divorced. He's an ex-employee of the Institute. He knows too much to be left free" Chaos answered.

Phoenix nodded and stayed in the shadows, clutching her knife. "How long left?" She asked impatiently.

"He should be coming out any moment now."

Phoenix stared at the pub. It was a small rundown building, with many of the windows bordered up and the ones that weren't were mostly smashed. It was only minutes later when two drunken men staggered out of the building. They jeered at each other and one nearly crashed into a lamppost.

"It's time." Chaos muttered into Phoenix's ear. Phoenix grinned and stepped out of the shadows, in plain sight of the two men. She tried to make herself appear as innocent as possible, as Chaos stood beside her. Only the one that had crashed into the lamppost saw Phoenix, the other had hobbled his way down the street. 

"Hey, you!" The man slurred at Phoenix and made his way towards her. This girl would be enough to sleep with tonight. He didn't notice Chaos next to Phoenix.

Phoenix smiled sweetly at the drunken man. "Me?" Phoenix pointed at herself, acting marvelously.

"Yeah, you. It's not safe out. Do you wanna why?" The man didn't wait for an answer. "Nah, course you don't know. You're just a dumb girl. But I'll tell ya. I'll tell ya for a price. How bouts we spend the night at my place? It's betta than the cold."

Phoenix reacched an arm behind her, searching for Chaos's hand. She had been through this many time but still she felt nervous. She needed the support of her Echidna. She took a deep breath, steadying herself. "Now." She muttered, to herself and to Chaos, but quietly so that Mak Tayor couldn't hear the words. She felt Chaos's cold hand slip into hers and the needles that had been in her hands were now in the hands of Chaos. 

She felt the hand of the Echidna leave her and she pulled on the sleeve of the coat, bringing it to her mouth and nibbling on the end of the coat. She had to keep up this act no matter what. "Erm, I... gee... that's real-... I... I've got someone waiting... and..." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a needle hit Mak Tayor's neck. It lodged itself in a vital part of the neck and soon Mak Tayor would die. Phoenix took a deep breath.

Time to drop the act. 

"Goodbye. Mak." Phoenix said - her voice still mockingly sweet. She pulled out her knife and aimed, stabbing the man in his chest. The poison wouldn't be enough to kill him quickly. 

The knife should do the trick.

It did. She pulled out her knife and kicked the man. She walked away from Mak, who slowly bled to death and was found the following morning. She popped a piece of chewing gum into her mouth and made her way back to the alley. "I'm going to need to think of new ways to kill. This isn;t as fun as it used to be." She said to Chaos.

Chaos nodded and let Phoenix climb back on his back. His wings spouted again and they glided through the air, back to the house where Phoenix lived. 


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