Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


26. Guardian Academy - Chapter One

Chapter One



A small raven flew to its nest, a large human letter in its beak. It settled next to another raven that was asleep. 

Yuki, wake up. It's two in the afternoon in human time. The raven chirruped. The second raven, Yuki, pulled her head from under her wing and stretched her feathers.

What is it? Yuki asked.

A human letter addressed to you. The raven replied. Yuki took the letter and held it under her wing. She flew from the nest and landed lightly on the ground. There was a small flash of black and instead of a bird was a teenage girl..

Yuki tore open the letter and read it, nodding to no one in particular. She folded the letter and slipped it into her pocket before crouching down and pulling a small battered suitcase that was hidden in the trunk of her tree. She said her farewell to her bird family and walked away from her home towards her destination.



In the same town, a girl by the name of Belladalia Mason had just packed her suitcase. Her bedroom door banged open and her brother, Trevor, appeared in the doorway.

"Hey Bell." Trevor said, grinning.

"What do you want?" Belladalia asked angrily. She got up and her cat, Nitro, started mewing loudly. 

"Dad wanted to know whether you had finished packing."

"Well, duh. What does it look like?" Belladalia picked up Nitro and started stroking his back, causing Nitro to purr loudly. 

"Are you bringing that furball with you?"

"Of course and his name is Nitro."

"Whatever." A small snowflake landed on Trevor's shoulder and melted. "Stop making it snow." He said as the room started to snow lightly.

"Make me."

The snow suddenly became a thick snow storm.

"Trevor and Bella, stop fighting." A loud voice boomed from the doorway. The snow suddenly melted away. "No more arguing. Now hurry up or you'll be late."

"Dad, I'm not going." Trevor said, stubbornly.

"You are going." 

"I am not going to a girl's school."

"It's not a girl's story. It's a school for special people. People like you." 

"You are going and that's final. Now get in the car." Mr Mason dragged Trevor by the arm. "Come on Bella."

"I'm coming. And stop calling me Bella." Belladalia muttered.



"Have you got everything, Gemma?" 

"Yes, Mother." Gemma replied.

"You will be travelling through your special talent." Mrs Waterstone informed her.

Gemma sighed. "Could you stop calling it 'my special talent'?"

"Sorry, but are you capable of taking your suitcase with you?"

Gemma nodded in reply.

"Well, then. Goodbye." Mrs Waterstone said, smiling.

Gemma waved at her mother before carrying her suitcase into the living room. It was a warm late August day but a fire was ablaze in the fireplace. Gemma closed her eyes, holding tight onto the suitcase before stepping into the fire. When she opened her eyes again, she was in a large hall with many dining tables.

A girl and boy enter the dining hall. The girl had shoulder length, wavy blond hair and pale eyes and the boy had short blond hair and pale eyes. Even from a distance, you could tell they were twins. The girl sat down at a table by Gemma but got up suddenly for she had noticed a group of older children teasing a small child. She walked over to them and shouted, "Leave her alone, you bunch of losers."

One of the older children shouted back at the girl. The girl didn't say anything but just screwed up her face in concentration. "Frigidus in glaciem." The bullies were frozen in ice. 

"Thanks." The harassed kid said, before running off.

The girls turns around and heads back to her seat. Gemma walks towards her and sits at the table by her.

"Hey, " the girl says. "I'm Belladalia, Guardian of Winter, but you can call me Birdy."

"My name is Gemma Waterstone, Guardian of Fire. That was a great way to get rid of the bullies."

Another girl entered the dining hall. She walked over to Gemma and Belladalia. "Um, what just happened?" 

"Oh, just a little freezing spell." Belladalia said, smugly.

"That makes sense. I'm Courtney Drew, the Water Guardian."

"I'm Belladalia, Guardian of Winter and this is Gemma, Fire Guardian." Belladalia introduces. 

"I think the bullies have learnt their lesson." Gemma said. "Estus!" The bullies unfroze and one of them walked over to the group. 

"Hey, I'm sorry about the bullying. I was just trying to fit in. I'm Arin by the way, Guardian of Darkness. This might sound like a stupid question but what are Guardians?"

"You do not know what Guardians are?" Gemma asked, smiling. Arin and Belladalia shake their heads. 

"My dad just told me to say it when introducing myself. He said I'd found out everything at this school." Belladalia said.

"We're Guardians. Everyone in this school is a Guardian. We're chosen to look after a certain power. Gemma looks after Fire, Belladalia looks after Winter, I looks after Water and Arin looks after Darkness." Courtney answered.

"That explains things." Arin said smiling. 

"I'm going to find my dorm. Coming?" Belladalia asked. The others replied yes. The Girls dormitory was in a large tower on one side of the castle. On the first floor of the tower was the common room on the next seven floors were nine dorm rooms.

"I'm on the seventh floor - Room 7E." Belladalia said smiling. "I wonder who I'm sharing my dorm with."

"Just hope it's someone you know." Courtney said. "I'm in Room 5B."

"That's the same room as mine!" Arin cried out.

Gemma pulled out her letter and read out the card which informed her of which dormitory she was in. "My dormitory is 7E which makes me with Belladalia."

"Room 6L for me. Anybody know who my dorm mate is?" A small voice said from behind the group of friends.

A girl with light blonde hair and black eyes smiled at the group. "The name's Yuki Bell, Guardian of Birds."

"Nice to meet you, Yuki, my name is Gemma Waterstone, Guardian of Fire. This is Belladalia Mason, Guardian of Winter. That is Courtney Drew, Water Guardian and Arin Kennedy, Guardian of Darkness." Gemma said, smiling.

"I'm sorry, but we don't know who your dorm mate is." Courney said coldly. 

"Oh, that's okay. I'll meet her later. Bye." Yuki said, before running up the stairs.

"What a freak!" Courtney said, not dropping the cold tone. 

Belladalia looked at her in surprise. "Out of all the people I know, you seemed like the last person to say that."

"She gives me the creeps," was all Courtney said.



On the other side of the country, a girl by the name of Annie Herinhart lived with her cruel aunt. 

"You wretched girl, where are you?" Aunt Lucinda bellowed from the top of the stairs. Annie turned the vaccuum cleaner off before hurrying towards the stairs.

"Yes aunt?"

"Where's my latte?"

"Sorry aunt. I was cleaning the living room."

"Get me my latte now, you horrible little brat."

Annie dodged a shoe with a broken heel. Sighing she hurried into the kitchen to fetch her aunt the latte. While Annie was cooking her aunt food she usually stole some food. Today she took a chocolate bar and slipped it into her pocket. In her pocket she found a letter. She took the letter, ripped it open and read the letter. Smiling, she left the unfinished latte and hurried into her small room behind the kitchen. She took out an old bag of her aunts and packed her belongings. She hurried outside where the stars had already come out.

"Astrum take mihi ut Guardian Academy."

There was a small shower of stars and Annie Herinhart disappeared.

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