Forsaken (Abandoned Works)

I've been writing for years now and although I don't have all my old works, I've put all of the ones I could find into one movella.
This movella consists of competition entries, extracts and stories I've started and never completed.


12. 2112

I was really scared. I clutched the brooch in my hand which my mother had given to me before her death. 

It is the year 2112 - a year of terror. Years ago, the Sonic was introduced to Earth. It was genetically engineered to help with the world's growing needs. A household robot, a must have for every home, just like the computer a century before. The scientists didn't know it would go crazy after 20 years. My family died at the hands of the robot. The remaining human population gathered together, our numbers decreasing.

We had no idea when the miracle came. No one knew much about Yoku not his background. According to legends, the current future was foretold. A man-made creature would cause chaos, destroying the world. It was a curse - a demon called Aada vowed that he would reincarnate and destroy the favoured Earth that couldn't be his. The Earth was a huge bomb, set off to go on the 19th November 2112, at 10:15. The wildfire was needed to stop this.

There was only 37 minutes left.

"There it is, Shadow." Logan said. I pulled out of my little history moment and glanced in the direction that Logan was pointing at. There was a temple, hidden from sight, but with the special glasses we had stolen from the Eastern Project Centre, we could see it clearly. 

"Come on. Race you there." I grinned. I pulled my hoverboard out of my backpack. Jumping on it, I swerved my way through the forest, the sun beating against my skin, Logan running behind me. 

I reached there before him and I managed to get a closer look at the temple. It was a marble building - once must have been beautiful but the amount of acid rain last century had worn it. 

"Shadow, don't run off like that." Logan said, skidding to a halt. 

"What does that say?" I ask him, spotting writing above the entrance.

"Take what you seek and you shall lose. Ask for what you need and life will be restored." Logan translated.

I ignored the warning and entered the temple. Why would I have listened to it? Mankind was in danger - only us left to save the world. I walked inside, confident that I was not going to fail and perfectly aware that Logan was shouting at me to heed the warning. 

The temple was beautifully decorated with ancient pictures and calligraphy covering the walls. A magnificent golden flower said in the centre of a deep purple cushion which was placed on top of a marble stand. The flower was so fragile it had the appearance that it was about to fall apart.

This was too easy. 

I picked up the delicate flower. The ground shook underneath me - happiness bubbling inside me - humankind was saved. Everything started to seem much smaller - my arm was larger and covered with scales.

This meant that the curse had taken place.

Which was worse - me being a dragon or humankind no longer existing?

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