Saving Wonderland

Everyone knows the adventures of Alice Kingsleigh in Wonderland, or they know what people have wanted us to believe about the adventures of Alice Kingsleigh in Wonderland. Shae Warren, a preachers daughter and rebellious 17 year old, is brought to Wonderland to hear the real story of what happened to Alice in Wonderland and save the once flourishing world from the deadly grip that Alice holds it in.


1. Proper

You’d think that being taken to a magical land by a talking rabbit in a waistcoat would be a strange occurrence; and for most girls my age it would have been. I can’t admit that it was an event I experienced every day but I had seen that Rabbit before, he’d been watching over me ever since I was a child, waiting until I was old enough to follow him through the rabbit hole and into the magical world they called “Wonderland”. Wonderland was once ruled by the Queens White and Red, but after Alice destroyed the Jabberwocky, the Red Queen was sent into exile with her Knave. Alice never left Wonderland, unlike some versions of the story say. Alice, in fact, took the throne. That was the start of Wonderland’s slow decline. Sure, Alice seemed like she was a caring girl who could never hurt a fly, but no one, and I mean no one, expected Alice to be worse than the Red Queen. Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me take you back to where it all began . . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Shae! Shae get your head out of the clouds and come help your mother with supper!” I hopped out of the tree, scowling towards the window of our house. Reluctantly flattening my all too poofy dress and fixing my striped stockings, I made my way inside and towards the kitchen. “BAM! BAM! BAM!” The twin terrors screamed as they popped up, aiming their obviously fake guns my way. “I shot ya! You’re dead!” Elliot called, smirking in triumph. “No! That was all me! I shot her!” Graham insisted, the two squabbling and getting into yet another screaming match over who ‘shot’ me first. Rolling my eyes in detest, I made my way into the kitchen. “Oh, Shae, dear. Start peeling the potatoes would you?” My Mum greeted as I waltzed into the room. She turned around moments later, eyes rolling at my appearance. “Shae, what if the neighbors saw you like that? All covered in filth, no corset and your dress is torn! Go get yourself cleaned up before your father sees you like that.” Groaning, I backtracked into the hallway where the terrors were still arguing. “SHAE! Tell Elliot I shot you first!” The one insisted, “No! Tell Graham I shot you first!” The other interjected, earning a well deserved eye roll from me. “Both of you cut it out! You’re giving me a headache!” I insisted, pushing through them both as I went upstairs, leaving them both to continue arguing downstairs. After changing into what my parents considered an ‘appropriate’ dress and clean stockings, still striped of course, I brushed my hair out and twirled it into a makeshift bun to keep my dark hair off my face and stuck a pin in to hold it in place. Sighing at the measures I had to go through to please my parents, I went back downstairs to assist my mother with dinner like I was always forced to. “BOYS!” I heard her scream from the kitchen, both of the twins stopping in their tracks with wide eyes. “If I hear one more word from either of you you’ll both be in huge trouble!” Immediately both of them took off running – directly at me. They both tried to run around me, only successfully knocking me over in their stampede for cover. My father walked gracefully in just as they boys vanished from sight, raising an eyebrow down at me. “Shae, that is no way for a lady of your age to behave. Get up immediately and help your mother like you’re supposed to.” “Yes, Papa.” I said in turn, pushing myself to my feet and straightening my dress before walking away. “And next time wear appropriate stockings.” I sighed, going into the kitchen to help mother with supper. “… and then we came swooping in!” “Yeah! Swooping in!” “And shot him right in the head!” “Yeah! Right in the head!” The twins chorused, mouths both stuffed full of their dinner. “Don’t talk while you’re eating.” Papa warned, immediately shutting up both the twins who only shared identical expressions of fear as they ate silently. “Shae, sit up straight. How are you ever to get a husband when you constantly slouch.” Mother said with a sigh. I rolled my shoulders back, “Better?” I mumbled through my mouthful of food, rolling my eyes as I went back to eating. “Young lady, do not talk to your mother in that tone. You need to learn some manners before you meet the young lad tomorrow, he’s from a very well off family and you must not ruin this like you did the last one.” “If he doesn’t like mud then he shouldn’t live on a farm.” I insisted, looking between my parents who both gave me ‘the look’. You know the one, the one that ever parent has when their child has said just a little too much. “You will be on your best behaviour tomorrow and that is final. Your mother will make sure you look your best and I expect you to act like the proper young lady you should be.” “Yes, Papa.” I said through a sigh, the rest of the meal passing in silence. I flopped down on my bed later that night, my hair falling out of the pin I’d used to keep it up earlier. Sighing, I turned my head to see the teddy bear in all colours of the rainbow that I had asked my mother to make me when I was younger. Smiling softly, I picked the bear up and hugged it tightly to my chest. “Oh, teddy. There has to be a world out there that is all my own. A place where animals can talk and flowers dance. Somewhere I don’t need to be ‘proper’.” I dreamt, curling up under the sheets on my bed, teddy still hugged close to my chest. “One day, teddy. One day we’ll find it.”
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