Angels belong to the sky.


2. Two

      The sun rays burn my skin as I roll to the other side of the bed.I'm fine until my annoying alarm goes off and pull me from my heavy sleep. My throat releases a loud groan and I leave my warm covers to go inside the bathroom.My toilet done, I lazily walk downstairs to the kitchen, willing to calm my hunger.It's while I am filling my bowl with cereals that I receive a call from my sister.My face immediately lightens up and my finger hurries to press the answer button.
"Good morning Jazy"I cheerfully greet.
"Hello little brother."her voice is soft.
We talk for an hour about the tour,what I eat and when I sleep. Jasmin being the protective older sister of course.Then the conversation ends as usual; She begging me to visit her.
"Is he going to be there ?" I say, turning impossibly serious.
"No. He's gone for a work trip and won't come back till the end of the month." she replis, almost pleading.

I smile.

"Alright I'll see you in three days then."

she sighs in relief. "Okay see you then."
I hung up and choose to spend the day inside,watching movies and eating snacks.Unfortunally, my little bubble of peace bursts when I hear heavy knocks on the door.

I stand to check, cursing the person disturbing me a million times. Seconds pass before my front door swings open to reveal an enthusiastic Louis. I let out a not-so-pleased sound." I should've known it's you.Who else would break the door while knocking." my sarcasm is clear. He steps in and immediatly plonks himself on the couch. "Save it Styles." he shrugs, the chips I was enjoying now between his hands. I make a pretty big effort in hiding some choclate from him. "So..." I laugh. "Missed me that fast ?" He makes a grimce then says: " I'm invited to a party tonight." he crunches one more time. "It's a kinda boring sientific one."
"And ?" I encourage him to continue.
"Thought to drag you along so we get bored together." he answers simply.
I take a bite from my Sneakers and shake my head. "No."
"What about the other lads ?"
"They're busy."
"Bring your girlfriend."
"Aria's going but the organizer of the meeting is one of her friends, so she'll be helping and I'll be left alone."
"I don't want to go."
"Be ready at seven." He cuts me off, existing the house.

I hate him for doing this to me.

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