Angels belong to the sky.


3. Three

     I throw a final glance at the mirror before locking my villa's door. I find Louis' car parking just few meters away. A quick hands shake is exchanged as I get in the van who's already roaring. My back presses the seat and I distract myself by watching the old dark streets. The cold and lack of light envelops the city in mystery. When a sigh of annoyance leaves my mouth, my companion who sits on the other passenger seat looks over his shoulder to me.
"It's not going to be that bad Harry." he tries to adorn it to me. "Maybe you'll find some pretty hot girls there, if you know what I mean. " he winks.
I roll my eyes and smack my forehead to the window. "Whatever Tomlinson and keep your focus on the road."
This is when I am blessed with a loud laugh coming from the other side.
"Oh c'mon Haz' ! I promise you'll love it so much that you'll be going back there with me in three days." his voice becomes a low whisper.
Confused, I immediatly turn to him.
"What do you mean ?"

The next ten minutes are my desperate attempt to understand Louis' mumble.Finally, he tolds me the organizer is throwing a party after three days. Oh my Dear God. Someone kills me please.
"I'm not attending any other event related to nerds and sciences Louis ! " I pause for a second. "I only accepted to come tonight because o-"
"We arrived."
Before I realize it, he exists the car, leaving me in the middle of my speech. I roll my eyes for the second time this night.We are actually in front of a big, American styled house. I can hear a Celine Dion song playing inside. We walk silently and enter the building. A classic whiff discriminate the place. Suddenly, a blond haired head pops out. The girl that just appeared in my eye sight bounds to Louis, giving him a light pick on lips. She smiles then turns to me, as I give her a one arm hug. 
"Hey Aria." I greet.
"It's nice to see you again Harry." She utters. 
Aria tours us the house, quickly. The next half of an hour,she pratically disappears,after someone called her.

Louis & I, now alone, start to do what we always do: set pranks, much to the presents' annoyance. We scare girls, cut hairs secretly and make some old money jokes. We're having a good time.
"Enjoying it Styles ?" Louis asks, as we look for a place to hide from an enraged Asian lady, who just lost half of her hair.
"I'm still not attending your stupid party." I confirm to him, deep-sixing any hope to accept.
"I'd rather go if I were you." he states which makes me giggle.
"You're actually going" I point "And sorry Lou but I'll be busy that day."
He huffs.
"I'm visiting my sister" I resume.
He gasps and turns to face me at once. I can feel the atmospher getting sensitive and serious. Louis holds an anxious expression,so I rescue him with an answer:
"He's not there." 
Just mentioning him hardens my features. I loosen a fist I didn't know I was clunching, as Louis nods in understandement.
"Guys ?" Aria's voice calls from behind.
"Please meet my friend Onie."


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