Angels belong to the sky.


10. Ten

      I wake up, noticing an abscence next to me. I lazily open my eyes to figure out where I am. When I saw the TV, the memories of last night come back. I smile running my finger up and down my arms, as the feeling of her skin is still fresh in my mind.
"Good morning." A voic calls from behind.
She stands there, wearing sweat pants with a tank top. I'm amazed how everything fits on her, wonderfully. She holds a tray that she puts on the coffee table infront of me. Toasts, juice and some cookies are on it.
I smile, taking a cup of the apple liquid. My favourite.
"Thank you" I sip my drink. "For the shower, your brother's clothes, the food and... the movie."
She bows her head and blushes at my last words. She nods.
I take a bite from my toast.
"Do you see him often ? Your brother ?" I ask.
She remains silent and holds a blank expression on her beautiful face. I know something is wrong.
"You don't have to an-"
"He's dead."
Shocked. I am shocked. I blame myself for asking.
"I'm... I'm sorry."
My voice is soft and full of guilt.

"No, it's okay Harry..."

I can see the tears forming in her eyes, as she desperately tries to hold them back. I wrap my arms around her waist, gently. She burries her head in my neck. The same strange feeling hits me, like it always does when she touches me or even just look at my eyes. She withdrans minutes later, taking all the warmth with her.

"Sorry." She apoloizes.

"No no no! I'm the one that should be sorry." I say. "Do you want to talk about it ? Euuh or maybe after your classes ?"

She laughs. Her laugh is one of the most voices I've ever heard. I think I said this before.

"I'm not going to College anyway." She explains.

"Why ?" An automatic question.

"Well, because Mr. Styles slept all the morning and I couldn't leave him alone here." She grins.

I subconsciously look at the wall clock.It's eleven in the morning.

"God ! I'm sorry ! Why didn't you wake me up?" I ask.

"I did, but you'd groan and roll to your other side everytime!" She laughs again

I feel so embarrassed because of my behaviour. I've never been a morning person.

"What about leaving me a note that you left to College ?" I try to excuse myself.

"There's no way you'll be here by your own" She replies.

"Don't you trust me ?" I bluster. Slapping my face for saying stupid things became something I'm used to.

"I don't trust men but this is not why." She finishes her juice.

"Why don't you trust them ?"

She freazes for a moment, before putting fer glass down on the table. I should learn how to watch my mouth. She's still next to me on the couch, my arm around her waist. I watch as she sighs deeply.

"Long story."

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