Angels belong to the sky.


16. Sixteen

     Dear diary,

She's everything to me. I never understood what love means. Then she came and I felt for the first time looking in her hazel shinning eyes. She is the one I trust, I tell my secrets to and she never let me down. Things are getting better and better since she became mine. I found my mother, kissed her forehead and enjoyed her being healthy and happy again. I had the strenght to kick my step father out of the house. He never bothered mom since. I regained faith in life. Onie is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm so deeply in love with her. You may ask whay I don't write here anymore. It's because now that I have her, I don't need to burry my feelings and thought in papers. She's the ear I was looking for. She's my baby, my angel, my love.

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