Angels belong to the sky.


9. Nine

      I walk in London's dark old streets, rain pouring heavily. I curse myself for hanging around the city in such a weather. My legs run, carrying me along what I assume my way home. But my vision is too blurry that I can't be sure. I gope for it blindly, even though I know I am lost. The water weightens my clothes, and makes my hair curlier and stuck on my forhead and neck. I suddenly bump into what I think a verandah’s barrier. I can't help but jump the stairs and sit next to the front door of the unknown house, in an attempt to hide from the furious rain. I bring my wet knees up to my chest, putting my head on them. I'm exauhsted, cold and helpless. The rain calm my senses slowly. Soon, my lids are closed.
"Harry ?" A soft voice calls my name.
I lazily lift my head, rubbing my arms with my hands. Onie. I immediately stand up, losing my balance for a moment. I stare at her, my lips parted.
"W-what are y-you doing here ?"
She chuckles.
"You're infront of my house, Harry."
I turn, like I'm checking her words.

Suddenly, I freaze in my place as I feel her hand holding mine gently. I look down at her. She pulls me inside.
"You look cold. You can wait here till the rain stops."
Her smile warms my heart. I feel safe and happy to see her again after two months of touring. She brings me some thick blankets and allows me to use the shower. I step in the enclosed area, hot water falling over my exposed body, relaxing me. My mind quickly starts to think again. I spent those two months texting Onie. I can tell we're good friends now, but all our interaction was behind our small phones' screens. I don't have any idea how I am supposed to act, or even how she's going to do. This confuses me so bad.
I roll a girlish pink towel around my body and exit the bathroom which happens to be in my host's bedroom. It's a light blue and purple printed room. Posters of celebrities, quotes and touristic places adorn the walls. I spot a guitar and a violon in a corner, just next to tones of books. I head to the bed, unfolding a large sweater,baggy pants and woolen socks.Once I'm all clothed, I run my hand over the bed. It smells like her, soft and pleasant. My eyes dart round the room one more time before I go out, looking for her. A strong delecious smell fills my senses. I decide to follow it till I got to the kitchen. Onie's here. Her back is facing me. I don't know what to do, so I awkwardly cough. She turns and smiles. I smile back. Two plates are held by her hands as she comes closer and puts them on the tea table.
I hesitate a little before sitting on the opposite chair.
"This a Tunisian meal called Kamounia. Mom sent me some. I'm sure you'll like it." she explains.
I look at the offered food. It's red sauce with a lot of meat in it. My hand searches for a fork but all I find is a piece of bread and a knife. I remain calm and confused, staring at my plate.
"You eat it with bread." Onie gives me instruction." Like this."
I attentively watch her dip a piece of bread in the sauce then raising it to her mouth.

I copy her moves. It tastes really good.

"Do you like it ?" she asks.

I nod, taking another piece.

We eat in silence. Not the heavy unpleasant one. I feel in ease, as she offers me more food. She is cheerful and I like that. The kind of lovable persons who you can spend time with without getting bored.

"So, how it comes that Harry Styles is stuck under the rain ?" She teases.

"Not too careful." I shake my head.

"I see." She laughs "I once were surprized by rain in the middle of the street, everyone had umbrellas but me. I end up stealing one from a little boy. I still remember his dad's shouts as I ran."

Her story makes me giggle.

"At least you found a better solution than me" I admit.

She smiles and Boom ! I'm lost in her eyes again. They are so deep, so beautiful.I notice the pink colouring her cheeks. I turn my head swiftly, feeling embarrassed.

"Ummh.. do you want to... umh... sleep ?"

The couch, the TV, the blankets... I have a better idea.

I gather what I've got of courage and suggest:

"What about cudd-w-watching a movie ?"
"Oh..." she seems to hesitate and my heart skips a beat, thinking I'm unwanted.
"Okay. What do you want to watch ?"
I can't really reply or even choose with her hand in mine, guiding me to the couch.
Horror movies. I'll choose a horror movie so she'll be in my arms the whole night. The feeling of her skin against mine's something incredible.
"Saw 4 ?" I state with a grin.
She smirks. "Do you really think I'm going to be scared and beg you to hold me, Styles ?"
I flash.
"It's not like that ! It's just... my favourite... movie." I lie.
She chuckles.
"But I read Love Actually is yours"
My grin gets wider.
She stands up and puts a DVD on, before coming back and taking a seat beside me. Our arms are touching and I feel it, the heat. Now we're all covered and warm. I glance at her as we wait for the film to start.
"So what did you choose ?"
She smiles, still focusing on the big screen.
"Saw 4 and I won't be against your chest at the end of the night."
Challenging. I like it.
"We'll see." I bit my bottom lip, as the first scene appears on the Television.
During the first part, she dosen't lose. My focus isn't really on the movie. I'm alerted to every move she does, as I wait unpatiently to hold her in my arms. I know she's scared, but also too fiesty to give in. There's this moment when someone suddenly screams, she grips my forearm, holding it tightly.
"Looks like I won." I grin.
She quickly realizes what happened and pulls her hand away from my arm.
"But I didn't hold you !" she defends.
I don't know what I am thinking of, but I grab and tug her close to my body, wrapping my long arms around her smaller one. She dosen't move. And like that, we both fall asleep, her body warming me and head resting on my chest and listening to my heart beats.

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