Angels belong to the sky.


14. Fourteen

     I have been searching for my mom all the week. Onie's encouraging me. I've never felt so much hope in my life. Seven days of complete researches. I asked everyone I know and all my few relatives . And here I am now, at Onie's flat, after I picked her from her dancing class.

"So ?" She questions

"Nothing." I say, looking down.

"Harry you'll find her I promise. It's just a matter of time." She tries to convince me. I lift my eyes to look at her, when I see the shadow. It sips from the little hope Onies gave me. It comes closer everytime, ready to pull me down.

"Onie..." I desperately whisper.

She hugs me really tightly, rubbing my back. Our faces are so close that I can't resist. My eyes lock with hers, hand gently caressing her cheek.

"I..." I utter, nervously.

I see the shadow coming closer and closer mouthing that I'm just a weak guy, that I'm nothing.

I close my eyes. I don't care anymore. I should tell her. And I'll hold all the consequences.


I'm not strong enough.

"Harry..." She breaks the silence. "I don't like unchangeable things."

It's like she reads my mind.

"If they're material, they'll hurt you and make you regret them.But when they are spiritual, they'll break your heart"

"I can change this" I say." I'll make my love for you new everyday."

The dark horrific shadow approaches.

"I'm in love with you."

She closes her eyes, processing my words.

"I've been in love with you too since we kissed that night in my house, I just didn't want to believe it because it is too powerful and I don't like not having control on things."

She said it and threw me in that state of bliss, happiness and attachment. I no longer feel my feet on earth. Our lips touch, then press together in a passionate kiss and I see him, I see the shadow crushing and falling to pieces infront of my eyes. I feel the magical heat brighten up my whole body, as I hold her close, falling to the couch, our lips moving in a beautiful harmony. It lasts a while, before we both pull away breathless. I can't help the silly smile forming on my face. We lay there in the dim light of the room, our arms, legs and souls entwined.

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