Angels belong to the sky.


4. Four

     I don't know what's happening to me. Aria's voice's echoing in my mind over and over. A strange new feeling crushes my body and I'm able to hear the beats of my heart challenging the loud pop song that's being played in the big room. I can't help but lock my eyes with hers, Aria's friend. Two piercing hazel orbs that seem to me brighter than the Onyx chain she's adorning the bare top of her chest with. She oozes a fascinating charm that I've never seen before. I'm... I'm lost. I don't know what's going on. I just know the first word that came to my mind the moment my eyes landed on her is celestial. She's somehow celestial. She's beautiful. I watch as her eyes look away and her cheeks flush red, but I didn't realize I am creeply staring at her untill Louis kiks my feet. His attempt to wake me up succeeds and I'm left in a really awkward situation.
"Yes you.. umh...I... I mean.. I'm Onie... no.. Harry ... I'm Harry... Harry Styles." I stumble on my words.

A wave of heat hits my face and I'm sure I am looking so stupid right now.A weird silence develops between us and it is honestly late when I figure out Onie is actually waiting for any polite gesture from me. But I freeze. I just keep gasing her and she must felt embarrassed because she darts her eyes, biting on her lower pink lip. That's when Aria decides to intrude, propably saving me:
"Umh... so,what about a drink guys ? "
Louis nods and drags me with him as Aria guides Onie to the bar. We all take our seats and order some beers. But I notice that Onie is content with a smooth fruit juice. If she was someone else, I would note it, but she wasn't. So I drop it, not because this doesn't make me curious, it's technically due to my lack of strenght. I feel vulnerable and not able to question. 
Louis and Aria's conversation calms me a little, as I think I won't be obliged to talk to this new girl again. However, when Lou's girlfriend comes up with the idea of meeting the organizer, I get stabbed in the chest.

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