Angels belong to the sky.


5. Five

      My two friends stand up. I give Louis the most pitiful look he can ever see and I slap him mentally for leaving me alone with her. The jerk he is, Tomlinson grins at me and walks away. I bow my head, suddenly feeling dizzy. I run my hand in my hair and cough. What am I supposed to do ? Euuh...
"You look out of your place."
I turn my head when I heard a girly voice. Onie's looking at me. She has an accent that I can't identify although I assume she's not from here, definitly.
"S..sorry ?" I express my misunderstandement.
she eyes the room then continues:
"You're not the type of guy to be interested in sciences." She explains, smiling.
"Errrm..." I begin "I'm just stuck here with Louis. Hadn't a choice."
She nods and we stand in silent for a moment, as we listen to the Lana Del Rey song.
"What about you ?" I ask, wanting to keep the dialogue going.
She laughs before shaking her head.
"Seeking for a good grade" she pauses. "The professor promised some pretty good grades for whoever
attends this nerdy meeting."
"Worth it." I state, without thinking.

As soon as I realize what I just said, it's my turn to slap myself in my mind.It surprizes me when she laughs, revealing white perfect teeth and says:
"Yea this is what I thought too."
I flush and play with my bottle.
This is when she starts to talk, with a capturating confidence, what makes me really in ease. I feel confortable, thus, we discuss everything and anything. I laugh when she criticizes how there are alcoholic drinks in an educating event, and how boring this meeting is.
"... And he's even throwing a party! I bet they'll play the ABC song and dance !" she grins sarcastically.
I can't help but burst in a loud laughter, slapping my knees. Not more than twenty minutes later, I feel my eyes watering and my stomach hurting.
"You're so funny" I admit shyly.
I can't stop the smile from creeping on my face when her head bows down, her heels becoming interesting. She whispers a small "Thanks." then finds it hard to look at me again.
"A-and cute" The words slip from my mouth subconsciously.
The third time I slap myself, tonight. I can feel my cheeks turning red and I run my hand in my hair. She cups her tiny one over her mouth, laughing nervously.I still don't know what to do or say, when Louis and Aria come back.
"Having fun ?" My best friend grins.
Both of us nod in agreement.
"Umh.. I errrm.. got to go." Onie stands up.
She kisses Aria's cheek "See you at college"

Louis is the next and she is satisfied with hugging him slightly "Nice to meet you Louis" she smiles politely. When Onie wraps her arms around my torso, my whole body swings because of  the electricity coming from her touch. I hug her back and give her one of my best dimpled smiles "I had so much fun tonight" A nod is what I replaced my anxiety with.
"Do you need a ride ?" I offer.
"Thanks, but I have one." She denies it.
My eyes scan up and down her body as she exists the house.
Once she's nowhere in sight, I turn just to find my two friends smirking, what puts me in a confused state.
"What ?!" I snap.
They shake their heads, holding back laughters. Now I know exactly why they're dating. I sigh and walk to Louis' car, chilling on the back seat, as the couple posses the front of the engine. Louis brings it back to life and we drive to my place. I lean my head on the frozen glass of the window but quicky notice the noisy driver glancing at me and smirking. All what I do is rolling my eyes, warning him.

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