Angels belong to the sky.


11. Eleven

     "I trusted two men in my life. They were everything to me. I tusted my dad and my older brother. You won't believe how attached I was to my dad. He was my idol, my model. When I were at primary school, I'd wright about him, whenever the teacher asked us to talk about someone dear. And when our languages tacher wondered what we want to do when we grow older, I always said:I want to be like my dad. But... it all began in my teenage years. It's when I started to discover things and open up about life. I felt during my fourteenth and fifteenth years that my dad dosen't care about me. He didn't take me to school anymore, and forgot to pick me up very often. I thought, maybe if I start to be distant he'll come back to me, but things got worse and worse. He beat me sometimes, didn't give me pocket money like he always does. Then, it happened that we didn't talk for days, and when we do, it's always him ordering me to do something to him or insulting. I hated what he did to me. I needed him, but he never was there. I needed a male love. And... and I was looking for it in my dad, but he just let me down.I remember the the day he... It was his birthday day and I hugged him, wishing a good birthday, but I felt it. He thought I didn't, but... I felt him pushing me away from him. I cried so hard that night, I were the kind of persons to show my affection through hugs. Huggy, this is who I am. The next day, we fought, over something ridiculous. That day he told it, he told me he hates me. I didn't cry, but I knew he'll never be who I want him to be. What's killing me is that I couldn't hate him, I always loved him, wanted him to be the perfect idol I'm seeing him as. Ignorant, he is. Then I started to turn to my brother, finding the symbol of male love in him. He was funny and caring.It was a twist of destiny. He started to go out very often. We talked less than I'm used to and he kept secrets from me. He prefered hanging around with his friends than looking after me. Until, it happened. Tha day he died, in an acccident. And here I am Harry, I lost them both, dad and my brother. I never trusted a male since. And I've never had a boyfriend before." Onie narrates, her tears wetting my shirt.

I remain speechless. My watery eyes not even daring to blink. I never expected such a heart-breaking story from an out-going life-loving girl. I hold her tightly, kissing her forehead. I want to make her forget about them, to start a new experience. I want her to know that she can find a guy who can loves her even more than she wished her dad and brother do. I place a kiss on her forehead, savouring the taste of her soft skin. She lifts her head, looking at me. Her eyes. I don't know what's really happening, but I find my lips hungrily attacking hers in a hot messy kiss. And I lose it. I drown in the feeling of her lips against mine, so sweet and warm. They're so magic, she's so magic. At this moment I know it, and I'm sure. This girl I met three months ago is driving me crazy, and for the first time in my whole life I feel it. Love. I'm in love with Onie. I've got nothing to do about it. So this is how love felt ? The need of being around someone ? Adoring every single thing about that person ? 

The movement of her lips escaping from mine pulls me back to reality. She looks so shocked and I don't blame her. I'm shocked too. I'm in a loss of words. I sit there, staring at her, my cheeks reder as ever. Minutes passed before, I realize what I've done. I ruined everything. Now she won't talk to me. I stand up, almost falling. I feel tipsy.

"I-Igot to go.... T-Thanks for.. for everything."

I run from her, from my love to her.

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