Angels belong to the sky.


18. Eighteen

Have you ever loved something too much even though you don't know why ? You just believe that there's this magical invisible chain that binds you to it. That can be anything, whether spiritual or material. But the only word that can possibly define my special thing is everything. I love the sky as strong as a mom's protection towards her child, as a lover's love for his soulmate, as a forest's need for rain. I find the it deep and holly, a peaceful paradise for thoughts and serenity. Its beautiful saphir blue holds the missed sincerity and the rare innocence underneath. I can see her face there. She was always better than me, even in acheiving dreams. Now, all of my heart belongs to the sky, where she is.



"The angels are those who crossed the horizon and made it to the sky. Angels belong to the sky."

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